SPOTLIGHT: BEST of 3d Sculpting Workshop - MOTION


Big thanks to everyone who participated in the workshop!

[center]The following is the best work from the thread:
 [[b]3D Sculpting Workshop - MOTION[/b]](
    [[b]daWinky[/b][b]: [/b]](
    [/b]                     [/center]


Let’s not forget the person who ran and conceived the theme for the Workshop :wink: My HUGE apologies to Intervain and everyone for getting this thread up so late. This Workshop had some amazing participation, not the least by Intervain: :slight_smile:


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Wow, that is amazing stuff


Brilliant work everyone, and a well run workshop. The dnamism in these images is fantastic, a real sense of movement. In the static images the emotions and poses have been really well captured too.


Awesome work…


amazing pieces guys and ladies!


Indeed - fantastic work alltogether! I’m really impressed by you all.


Yes, this is really impressing stuff! I wish I could sculpt only half as good as you guys n gals:applause: .


Really nice, gratulations to all and the nice workshop :wink:

Hey ShamesDean your progress is really great since the Punishment challenge :slight_smile:


amazing work !



Wow, incredible. Great job.


I am seriously amazed by the sculpting quality and the anatomy, pose, and expressions in those models … really incredible


Great stuff.


awsome stuff from everyone !! :bounce:
looking forward to see new sculpting workshop :slight_smile:


Hey nielot, there should be a new one soon, thanks to Intervain. :slight_smile:

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Very good scuplting, all the partisipants created very human works. Unfortunately, I can’t comment on how well the human body was captured because all of you are way beyond my own level.

Some of the works, especially the scuplture Andreja and ShamesDean chose to recreate, seemed to be too static to be in a thread about motion. I’m not familiar with the original work, but I saw just the subtle motion in the sitting man’s left hand.
I really liked the dress in daWinky’s scuplture, supporting the sculpture’s weight, allowing the sculpture to lean far to its side.
I also liked anandpg’s fighters, because that was exactly the kind of motion I thought I’d see when I saw the title of this thread. The fighters reminded me of a video I saw of kalaripayattu performance; not a still frame, but the motion I saw there. I don’t know if it’s based on some real work (painting or photo), but it’s the work which most pleases my eye.


Congratulations guys and gals. Amazing work. :thumbsup:


Amazing work everyone! Really inspiring stuff.


Yeah top stuff!
I have always been puzzeled by the motivation to make motion studies in 3d. It is clear though that if you can do this you can do anything:cool:.

The artistic anatomy section of cgtalk is one of the most exciting forums IMO. The products speak for themselves. Well done!

Cheerio Chris


All still images are essentially a moment in time, with a history and a future, rather than some special alien dimension which is utterly static.
Movement can be depicted through simple muscle tension, showing the anticipation of action, or even through an expression on a face, depicting thoughts flowing in the subject’s mind.