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Post your questions for the SPORTS IN MOTION mini challenge.


Well I’m trying to decide between someone from the Olympics or this other thing.
So my question, what about sports entertainment? :smiley:


i think WWE style wrestling (i presume that’s your intention) should count,they’re athletes like everyone else, I was originally considering doing The Rock but went for football instead…


The ref pictures would be plenty lol so must pictures of the Rock on the internet


I know I was looking for reference for different US Olympic team members but at some point I got on old WCW/NWO videos from the 90s (good ol’ Youtube) and well, the nostalgia was just too strong. :smiley:

Roberto, let me know once you get settled at SIGGRAPH. There are plenty of Olympians I can do if you’d prefer not going this route.


It is fake sports, but it is a sport.

So go ahead.



No disagreement here. As the wrestlers themselves say, the moves are fake but the pain is real.

That’s a clue. :smiley:


is a basemesh allowed (like in a real production) or everything from scratch as in the sticky ?


i’d say as long as its generic enough it’d be fine (and it progresses a ton from the original)…i think the opposition to such things has eased the last few challenges…

besides if we are trying to simulate a production schedule, i’m pretty sure they use base meshes…

and things usually get retopo’d after a while anyway


Oki how about this…

Post the WIP thread and make the argument on the thread.
Good luck


Is Grifball acceptable subject matter if presented in a dynamic and wholly from-scratch kind-of-way? I ask simply because I’m also working on a submission for another contest and the two would marry/motivate more seamlessly for me: i.e. continued participation.

Now, to clarify the concept before all the flaming starts:

except the players are wearing power-armor and trying to cream the runner with energy swords or giant hammers!

I’d really to participate!


I’m still sending this post to be Validated, but I should really read the Deadline info a little more closely. Dammit, maybe next time! (though I would still appreciate an answer to my query.) Thanks.


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