Spontaneous modelling


I’m sure you all have tried it… one night when I was modelling a head from a tutorial at www.secondreality.ch I started making simpel changes and so on … one thing took the other and this is what happend, I have still not decided what it’s gonna be or if it’s gonna be Sci-fi, fantasy or horror -style maybe you guys could give me some ideas ???
anyway hope you like


Just a wireshot


It might looks good without the tounge out from the mouth… and also… it looks eve nscary :frowning:

it frightend me and hey! is the hole for the 3rd eye? or some sort os gem will get a position on the forehead?

good try anyway :smiley: . Lovely box modelling? or patch work?:rolleyes:


I just added a hose I was thinking of adding some hooks to hold it to his forhead and I got the idea to put some volumelight in his head, I think that it would look sweet, I just have to come up with source of the light ??? need help for ideas ??


Here Is a Frontshot


Here is a little update !! I was thinking biomorph-Aztec style with the feathers and gold and so on…


Here is a 3-in-1 picture!!!


Here is a bigger picture!!

Hope you like it !!


I like it! :thumbsup:


Great job, this one will turn out great.:smiley:


This is the look for the crown but it’s far from finished there will be more biomorph between the blades and there will be feathers. just thought that you might like to see it


Looks great!
Loose the tounge and it might look better. Or maybe its just me :stuck_out_tongue:


I was thinking that he has a allmost religeous look, so I think I will let him morph out of a wall or similar … what do you think ? oh and I lost the tongue.


chimes in… yeah, i think that guy could never get his tongue back in his mouth. but then hey, if he’s evil, maybe that’s a bonus.


That looks so cool! Good work Borchert. :thumbsup:


.Well my first thought was of Gandalf saying to Wormtounge (& I quote) “Keep your forked tounge behind your teeth!” ha ha ANYWAY… I’m wondering how this guy would hold his head up with the swords & the big head peice? But hey if you like the sword thing cool, but he has more of a Chinese look to him so I might go with a samurai sord or something of that nature. My only other big problem with him is that he needs some kind of form to him so thought put into it, like research. There should be a reason to this madness, why would he have swords on his head? did he he piss off Satin or something? DOn’t get me wrong I think it could turn out cool I would just put some more planning into it. Good Luck!


Part 1.
I have made about a million different thoughts about his cloth but I can’t seem to come up with a cool concept, the latest is this layered dress/kilt-thingy, but if you have any ideas I would gladly consider them, give it a try !!


part 2.
Just to avoid any misunderstanding the legs is just a rendering merged with the models torso " It’s not a part of the Model "


Anyone !!! some ideas ??


a stronger neck for supporting the crown :stuck_out_tongue: nice model :smiley: