Splosh, Serge Birault (2D)


Title: Splosh
Name: Serge Birault
Country: France
Software: Photoshop

A gift for my friend A.J (NUDITY !!! http://www.myspace.com/sploshgirl NUDITY !!!).
It’s a very, very cartoonish version of her.
First, I just wanted to do a very simple painting … Finaly, I spent more than 15 hours on it ^^
I changed my mind very often. You can see some steps on my blog (http://sergebirault.blogspot.com/2010/05/gift-for-my-friend.html).
Done with Photoshop.

Splosh powah !

Hope you’ll like it !


The image is incredible, colours, reflections, shapes… Really great work, congrats!


Great work as always my friend, I love the cartoonish style and proportions in this one:applause:


Hi Serge!

You are awesome as always! Cheers!


Soup-herb once again!
One of my favourites - love the proportions - especially the legs.


this one actually looks like my ex girlfriend, going to show this one to her so she know which lingerie to pick next time she goes shopping :):):slight_smile:

SUPER SEXY LIKE ALWAYS, keep it up Serge!


Waw! waw waw!
Love it!


I like your style,wonderful!


Amazing! AJ is a lucky man! Congratulations again! :beer:


Once again amazing work!
I love it! congrats my friend!:smiley:


Just awesome as always Serge.


Very nice,

like the colors and proportions.


mikeldi : Thx ^^
Felideus and victorior : Thx a lot my friends :slight_smile:
AndyH : copy/paste - copy/paste - copy/paste … Thx Andy. I want a 3D version of this one :stuck_out_tongue:
NJA3d: Thx a lot Vanja !
olive2d : Merci beaucoup. T’as d’autres projets de bouquins ?
Monaforest : Thx
Ferrick and marilenamexi : Thx my friends. Happy you like it :slight_smile:
LuckyOne and Rahl : Thx


Another sexy masterpiece! Love your painting style.


Superb, Serge! Thanks for these wonderful pinups!


stunning…:thumbsup:. your work on material is always wonderful. and that drop…hehe.


Beautiful work, love the face and overall proportions.

EDIT : O’ Holy hell, I just checked out your website, fantastic…



Very nice work!!


Wow…another Cutie…-I love it. Agree with Andy about those legs -they’re ace :slight_smile:


Bravo Serge, this painting looks great! Ca aurait ete parfait pour notre Pin-Up challenge hehe
Stunning piece of work:eek: