Splitwater, Andrea Bertaccini (3D)


Title: Splitwater
Name: Andrea Bertaccini
Country: Italy
Software: 3ds max, Photoshop, VRay

This is one of my last images born almost by accident.
The software used is 2011 3DSMax, VRay and Photoshop 2.0 for postprocessing.
The birth of the idea, as I said, was random and situational, I had to see the pool from a very wide angle, that forced me to use a cutting plane, generating a cut of the wall and
consequently on the water’s edge.
This gave me the idea to create a representation of architecture through the concept that I used into the “Great White” image a few years ago.

Hope you like it, comments and criticisms are always welcome.


caustic is great! how did you create the ceiling? is it hand modeled or a simple texture with displace?


Damn i wanna dive right in!

Nice scene


Hallo, first off all thanks, the cealing was build using a displace map drawed by me in photoshop basing on the diffuse map created on the unwarped mesh of the cealing.


it looks nice, i like the half underwater view.
but it looks like that your stonetexture is a bit distorted.


good job ,nice render


Nice work,I like it.


I used the real IOR for the water (more or les 1.333) so the refraction could be correct.


i mean the textur on the top, the water/ceiling texture looks good. :wink:


i like caustic. it really felt me like smelling chlorine of pool. but on the top right of image there are some distortion problem on ceiling map. but it didnt disturbe me, cause feeling is very strong… good job.


Ok Understud, you right, there’s some distortion on map, the unwrap need more attention, unfortunatly I had a short deadline for the delivering of the project and I had not time to adjust that…my bad.


cooool idea! i like it
good job on lighting this up!
best regards



Impressive work! the lighting is specially great. to my taste the pillars are too clean they could use some dirt, etc

P.S. is that caustic generated only by the renderer? hence it looks really good. also did you use any extra lighting setup for the underwater lighting or its derived from the renderer too? :slight_smile:


Yea the caustic are generated from Vray and only by Vray Sun light, in all the scene there only 2 light, one Vray Sun and one Vray plane on the second window to give light on the back of the room.


i really liked the render. how did u get the water surface? the caustics are looking really nice…but i find the underwater caustics a bit weird and unnatural. i feel the caustics will fall on all of the underwater area rather than just the area under direct sunlight…offcourse the intensities will vary greatly. its just the sharp boundary created by the underwater caustics where i am concerned…IMHO …may be if there could be a bit smoother transition…it’d look better…

its just what i felt as a viewer…


I like it nice lighting texturing and effects


very nice work I like combination ) and very nice pool Keep it up


Wow, nice job. I really like the lighting.


Great lights !


I would spend my holiday there, great image!