Split ploygons around hole?


Does anybody know how to split polygons around a hole?

I’ve cut up a polygon into a few pieces so that I could delete one, leaving a hole in the middle. After that I’ve deleted all the edges, because I wanted to reorganize them.
Problem is, when I try to use the Split Polygon Tool it gives the following error:

Error: Last operation is cancelled : cannot end up on a hole.

Filling the hole with polygons doesn’t allow me to split the polygons either…


I get this alot when I’m working with boolean addition/subtraction. The problem seems to be coming from the fact that while Maya does in fact bore a hole through the object, it doesn’t break up the faces that you’re boring through.

I always just select the faces that I’ve just punched a hole through and Triangulate them. This reorganizes the geometry of the face and effectively removes the ‘hole’ status of those edges you’re trying to split up.

  • Blue


Thanks Blue! It works like a charm…

Next question :slight_smile:

I’m stuck with an object that I cannot change the normal smoothing on. The smoothing is stuck on all soft somehow.
I use Edit Polygons->Normal->Soften/Harden, click ‘All Hard’ and the apply button (or the Soften/harden button). Somehow this works with all the other objects but not this object.

I’m certain there are no double faces and the normals are pointing in the right direction. I’ve tried it on the whole object and seperate edges.
I’ve also tried to export the object to .OBJ and import it again, but no luck there.

Does anybody know the answer?


Hurray, I already know the answer.

The Normal->Set to face command could be used to reset the normals, after that they were editable like usual…


aarrghh… triangulate! Thats what it was. I couldn’t remember. I wasted my weeking using ‘subdivide’!


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