Spline object to spline wrap via XPresso


I have 2 Cloners one with the spline another with Cylinder+SplineWrap modifier
these setup:

for some reason it does not works, it looks like each Spline Wrap receiving first spline from cloner
The Python script is simple and works (tested in another situation) :

def main():
global Output1
Output1 = Input1.GetCache()

Thank you for your help


I’ve never had any success with 2 iterators in one XPresso window. I usually drive everything from one ‘master’ Iteration node, or iterate one set of data and use object index to drive the 2nd part with the correct index number. How else will one set of iterations know what item the other is processing ?


Agree, but i can’t drive cloner with object index same way as here

I need to pass object, data node don’t give me anything in this case


So i make it working using link list, but just wondering if more elegant solution exist, keeping splines in cloner?