Spline & mograph cloner woes


Dons anyone know if its possible to group splines (no destructively) & have the resulting spline work with a cloner object?

So multiple spline objects & one mograph cloner to distribute objects alone all the splines…

I expected to get the spline mask or the connect object working, but no joy so far…

Has anyone else had this problem?


Probably not what you want, but you can use the Connect Objects command and use the resulting spline.

Spline Mask works – sort of – but is a but uncontrollable. I see the connect Object doesn’t work as expected.


You can drop all your splines into a fracture object then target the fracture with the cloner.

connect splines.c4d.zip (38.6 KB)


Blimey, that’a a bit counter-intuitive!


The fracture object is the most poorly named tool in my opinion. It doenst fracuture things it turns live objects into clones/particles. I would call it the clonerizer or something like that


Love it, cheers fella.

There is always a way in C4D, its generally not what you expect or what you want, but should you find a magician with a few magic beans to spare, you can probably get back on track.

Today Joel, you are my hero. Beans & all…


Happy to help! Have fun with your splines. :slight_smile: (no beans for me though)