Spline issue R21


Hey Guys,

Another one of those questions of ‘Why the hell is Cinema doing that’ which pops up every few days.

Having spline issues where i’m trying to chamfer the points on a spline. In the preview it’s fine, but when I click to accept the chamfer, the points change to linear. Can’t figure out why?

All options are on in viewport filter, level of detail is high.

Here’s an example using the basic Rectangle:

Please help. I’m only 6 coffees into my morning! :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance.


I’m not sure, what the logic behind this is, but if you finish the Chamfer operation by pressing Return instead of Left Click into an empty area of the viewport, the result will be what you expect. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to find something in the documentation explaining this.

This does not seem to be specific to R21. I checked it also in R19 and the behavior is identical.


It’s weird. I could have sworn it was a display issue. But after two hours of playing around I finally figured this out too. Looks like a bug to me. Instead of clicking in viewport, I clicked the move tool and it worked fine. Really weird (as usual Cinema). Thanks for taking the time to reply and help!


It’s not a bug. By left-clicking, you’re initiating another Chamfer operation. If you turn on Total Points in your HUD, you’ll see the point count doubling as soon as you click, creating overlapping points.

If you click and drag, it will perform the 2nd chamfer as expected.