Spline Dynamics question


Is there a way that makes a spline not stretch? Rigid option seems to not doing anything. Objective is to simulate a rope.


First off, make sure you have enough steps and iterations. Then, just modify the stiffness and/or elastic limit.


Stiffness already at 100% also tried crazy steps values and iterations other than a bit less worse things got very slow.


What is it that you’re intending for the rope ? Static … animated ?
Are the points set to “uniform”, or other ?
What modifiers are you using on the spline ? :shrug:


I wanted to test if the rope could simulate a gift paper wraping up a box so i would use a plane spline wrap using several dynamic splines for the wrapping phases.

Points are uniform, no modifiers, the 90cm spline is subdivided in 90 points (box is 20cm side so 4 sides a bit less than 80cm since it has fillet). Per Help File rubber setting should be the one setting that at 100% would limit stretching to 0 , but it is not the case. As usual - same problem with 3ds Max , i am comparing C4D with 3DsMax dynamics to see if can replace it - what it says it is not what it does.


You can use spline wrap, but, all you really need is to sweep the spline with a cube / circle profile
and animate along the path with a plugin like QuickSweep 1.2. Animate the start and end growth fields


It would be useful if you could post your scene if you can. I did a simple test and it worked but it probably doesn’t apply to your situation…


Okay but where i get dynamics? spline is great because it shows traction and vibration due to friction.


Still in Demo no saving mode, can post a screenshot. I am using only one box in each extremity for this experiment. Show the dynamics setting. As you can see there is stretching in the spline(rope).