Spinning a disk into a perfectly round ball and color transformation


Hello guys,

Hope y’all have a good start for the new year! I am trying to recreate this effect. I have put a disc inside a cloner and playing around with the count, but can’t get this perfect circle filled. Also the color fading map, is it a gradient noise with a random effector? I am trying to figure out the best way to do it. Any help or ideas would be much appreciated, thank you!



Why ? post your result.

is it a gradient noise with a random effector?

Probably each disc has a radial gradient. The cloner rotates each disc by a certain amount. The rotation could be linear or using a function effector.


Here’s an example. You can see some areas of the sphere are not filled 100%. Maybe its the angle or I have to set up a camera to achieve this unified sphere?

disc_ball.c4d (113.1 KB)


1st of all you had it wrongly distributed
this is the right one


2nd the “unified sphere” without gaps can be solved by slightly tilting the discs.


Thank you Demis for your help. Tilting the discs how? Is it possible to post the above example?
Thanks again!


Easy, in the cloner go to the Transform tab and use one of the HPB parameters.

To achieve the effect of every disc rotated incrementally (like in the video) use a step effector and use rotate from there.