Spiderman, Sean Ellery (2D)


Title: Spiderman
Name: Sean Ellery
Country: Australia
Software: Photoshop

Chris Sotomeyer (pro colourist) sent me the high res inks to this one for me to have a play with. The perspective was ‘interesting’ but the city was fairly easy to do afterall… and spidey must be one of THE easiest characters to colour in the comic world!

Pencils = Andy Kubert
Inks = Deperang
Colour = me!



wow! well done dude, you made it look like the way spider-man should be, good colouring and excellent lighting, good to see spider man up here! keep it up!


Nice work! Only crit would be that his fingers look a little too long i.m.o. It also looks kind of odd that his “webbing” is perpendicular to his hands positions (i.m.o.). Other wise it looks good!


I’ve always been interested on the way Spiderman was treated in the comics. This one is no different. You’ve really captured the mood. Well Done!


nice action …:thumbsup:


great angle and i love the spiderman poses:thumbsup:


very nice angle and style. Fine job with Spidey!
One thing only looks a bit odd, the web strings look asomeways too thick and heavy. So a bit more perspective and lightness to that… otherwise I really like this :slight_smile:


very succesful, nothing to say.


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