Spiderman, Marvel Comics -roger Cruz & John Rauch (me) (2D)


Title: Spiderman
Name: Marvel Comics -roger Cruz & John Rauch (me)
Country: Usa
Software: Photoshop

This is the cover to Marvel Age Spiderman #14 coming out in October from Marvel. Roger Cruz provided the penciled art and I supplied the digital paints.


Wow…not one reply…I hate bumping, but surely someone has something to say.


Hi , i like ur coloring , so soft and dreamy , it suits the jungle

but it doesnt suit the ACTION
and thats my comment , u need more Dynamic Perespective in the Figures so that u can Establish the Action and create more suspense and sence of motion , also u need more BLACKS all through the figures and the backgrounds to help create that depth

i like ur lines
but really Good luck , u r on track


Roger Cruz provided the penciled art and I supplied the digital paints.


Cool!!! I like the water color effect background.


Thanks! I’m glad to hear it actually came off looking like watercolor to someone other than me.


somebody is about to get punched in the groin…


ho do ya feel now that it is plugged…?
hmmm…about the image…i’m not sure about the spidey pose…esp. his head and chest part…
really appreciate your digital paint talent man…goodShow!!!


hahahahah!!! bigtime mate!!!:scream:


:thumbsup: I like the contrast between the background and the characters.
Could you show some of your progress to complete this image?
Good stuff.:buttrock:


your both very talented nice piece !!


Nice! I love to read that comic and am fowarding to get that artwork of your on comic.


excellent job on those colors EraserX… it’s a beautiful piece… i might have to go out and buy the book when it comes out so that i can say that i “know” the guy who painted it

i really like the background watercolor style as well… perhaps more of a value shift from bottom to top as you get closer to the sky… i dont know if it would make the picture feel tighter or more open… right now it feels like they are fighting in front of a painting.
what program did you do the painting in… it looks beautiful…

i know you only did the paints
it’s actually the spidey pose and the cheetah guy (sorry don’t know his name) that are bugging me… they seem kind of unnatural… especially spidey’s right (our left) leg doesn’t seem to be bent in a natural way… i cant really tell where spidey is in relation to that guy in real space


Amazing piece… Such grace in spider moves, yet such rage on kraven actions!

I dig a lot RogerCruz works, a real “braza” treat…
Any high-rez pics to use as wallpaper?


Really good colors…I only suggest darker shadows to impose greater suspense and drama…and something must be done to integrate the characters and background…I can see where you have done a great job separating them…now just bring them together without disturbing that separation.


Did you use a tablet? I am just learning photo shop. Can you give any details as to how you did this cover? i suppose background is on different layers. How did you get your contrast between foreground and background to look so good? Did you use any filters or special effects?




Originally posted by percydaman:
somebody is about to get punched in the groin…

:eek: nice one.

Originally posted by Mata Tango:
Could you show some of your progress to complete this image?

I would be intersted in seeing this as well. This is an excellent image EraserX no crits from me. :thumbsup:


Ha, I finally find out who painted this pic! A friend of mine showed me this cover, and first thing I asked wuz ‘who painted this, this is freakin’ great’! Turns out it was you! I remember you from waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay back over at penciljack, but lost track of ya for a while, cool to see what you’ve been upto, you seem to be doing rather ok! Not sure if you remember this, but you even colored some of my art waaaaaaaaaaaaaay back, a rather bad pinup I did of aspen and cannon…which, even back then, lifted to a whole new level with your coloring!

Keep up the excellent work bro, pensnpixels.com has been bookmarked and I’m gonna make sure to keep checking out your work!




I thought Kraven was dead.

Meh… comics… I can’t stand the mainstream one’s anymore…

Nice art though. Only crit: Spideys feet look a little flat to me. I’ve never really undestood if he’s supposed to be wearing little rubber soles in there or if he’s barefoot…

Looks like Kraven’s gonna get off a crotch punch if he’s fast enough. :argh:


did you do the color in photoshop?