Spiderman, Jeremy Roberts (2D)


Title: Spiderman
Name: Jeremy Roberts
Country: Canada
Software: Painter, Photoshop

Here’s new painting of Spiderman!

I did this one yesterday, it probably took about 8-10 hours total to complete.

Any comments or critiques are welcome!


WoW! :bounce: Awesome work! That’s good enough for a comic cover!


Nice pose. For one days worth of work I think it looks very good.

One thing I would do is reduce the thickness of the web. Looks a bit too thick, just my personal opinion. But I bet you must have your reasons :smiley:


Wow, nice work… wonder why noone’s posting in here… nothing to crit… i really do like the web. keep it up



Great Work. I don’t like it when people say how long it took though…it is irrelevent in my opinion. Unless you’re doing animation or something. Anyway, it is a great piece. I think the webbing is too think as well…but I like the style of it. And the eyes are cool because they look like the older version of spider-man.


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