Spiderman-Character Rig.


Hi ppl,

Just thought i’d share some wip of my latest character…it’s actually a generic setup for a male human. Since i’m only concerned abt skin and muscle deformation for extreme poses…no facial…Spiderman seemed to be a good candidate. :slight_smile:

Hope you like it.



i like it. :slight_smile:


that deformation is really good, what program have you used to do this? i would love to hear any tips you might like to share. i havent got anything to critique about the skinning. i did noticed, right at the end of his kick his cog is a bit off (the section where he’s coming back to his stance postion) plus this bit seems a bit linear.

other than that nice work.


That is some great rigging, did you use a muscle system or regular tecniques?


Thank’s for the comments…a bit abt the rig…
i’ve been using max bones for most of my rigs, esp since you can squash them etc… but for this guy, i used biped instead.
This allows for mocap…as seen in the ‘kick’.

Ok… poly count for the model is 2300 including fingers… before subdivision.
No morph targets or deformers…no muscle system etc…just plain skinning and weights…( it plays realtime even with meshsmooth.) :slight_smile:
The main reason it deforms well is due to proper topography and anatomy. This is really important if you want to animate your models.

Firstly…The muscles (eg.bicep, lats…) and flex areas (eg. knee, hips…) need to be isolated and modelled in basic groups. This helps to maintain volume.
I will post some wires to illustrate what i mean.

Secondly…To be able to twist the shoulders, foreArms, thighs and buttocks and still maintain volume, a standard biped will collapse the model.
Twist bones, like that of the foreArm are needed to simulate muscle twisting yet maintain the volume.
If you stand in front of a mirror and observe how the shoulder deforms as you rotate your arms etc…you’ll find that its a pretty complex sysytem…our anatomy.

Thirdly…If you are modelling creases into your models eg…fingers and crotch area… chances are you are modelling for static display.
Creases should be created by itself when you deform your joint. It also means your joint is already at it’s extreme.
When we rotate a joint, a crease and bump are created at opposites…observe your knees,fingers and butt at extremes.

Which really means that…if you want the models skin to crease and bump realistically…you need to skin your model in a neutral default pose.( no crease or bump)
Which is not standing upright. instead more like a GongFu stance.

Ok…thanks for listening…hope it helps those interested. :slight_smile:

Will post some pics if someones interested.



Here’s what i mean…


:bowdown: Is your work impressive, congratulations, do you seem to know a lot of rig, do I see that you could show the lively skeleton to show the rig in action? I would thank a lot. :beer:

poor english:cry:


Hi Waniel, thanks for your comments. Your work is very impressive!! Beautiful Brazilian woman. :). very realistic.

Ok…I’ve rendered a mov of the skeleton…it’s biped with added twist bones. If you playback frame by frame, you can see the bones working.
There are twist bones for the Bicep, wrist and Inner Thigh. There are also extra bones for the buttocks. All this is hidden from the animator.

Hope this helps.

If you need, i can explain how to set these up.

Here’s the mov.


Hope this helps.

If you need, i can explain how to set these up.

:applause: I am very happy in knowing that you can explain not only to me, but for all that are accompanying this exellente work of professional RIG. (I also await your opinion in my topic, it is going me to help a lot).:bounce:

One question: you use Physique or Skin?:wise:


In all heterosexuality… I think I love you… An ass bone?? Either I’m really stupid or you’re a genious…


hey… nice rig!


Holly @#$&!! That’s f*** nice!!! Great job !
I would like put my hands on that, and try some animation!!!:drool:


I’ll second that, although I want to learn how to make such a clean model for animation myself - without having to resort to the more complex tech like blending and lattices and all that other stuff.
This is greatly helpful thanks for sharing !

Question : Can you post a pic of the pose at which you skinned your model ?


Thanks for the comments. I’ll post a quick but detailed tutorial on this setup.
Later tonight…Singapore time.

3D Strong: Physique or Skin?
I find physique messy, also for custom rig…physique will assign all components into the envelope…including constraints etc. Plus you cannot save or export vertex weights…can’t mirror without script and…

But you have done an excellent job on your model with physique. :slight_smile:
What do you think?

Cheers everyone…later.


But you have done an excellent job on your model with physique. :slight_smile:
What do you think?

:sad: I particularly don’t see the result of my work exellente, I had a lot of difficulties, after applying Physique, the links they are never in the same position, increasing the difficulty to adjust the envelopes. :eek: it was terrible. I await your tutorial, it will be very good for all. thank you.:thumbsup:


Ok guys…here it is.

‘Bones’ in white are standard Biped. Labelled as Bip…
‘Bones’ in Black are added. I used simple boxes. Labelled as Rig…
In your default position…create these extra ‘bones’…align their position and rotation to their respective parent.
See fig 01.
(Rig_Pelvis_Con) parented to (Bip01 Pelvis)
(Rig_Bum_Left) parented to (Bip01 Pelvis) align pivot to (Bip01 L Thigh)
(ExposeTransform_Thigh_Left) parented to (Rig_Con_Thigh_Left) align pivots to (Bip01 L Thigh)
(Rig_Shoulder_Left) parented to (Bip01 L UpperArm)
(Rig_Shoulder_Left01) parented to (Bip01 L UpperArm)
After this step…you are ready to wire or rotation constrain these ‘bones’

For the Upper Arm twist bones.
(Rig_Shoulder_Left) change rotation controller to ‘Look-At’ type.
Assign (Bip01 L Clavicle) as the Upnode.
Choose ‘Axis Alignment’ under Upnode Control… see fig 02…first column.
(Rig_Shoulder_Left01) change rotation type to ‘Orientation Constraint’.
Assign (Rig_Shoulder_Left) and (Bip01 L UpperArm) as orientation targets…see fig 02…second column.
After doing this…try to rotate the arm…you will notice that these new ‘bones’ are twisting.
This is good. It means it’s working right. (Rig_Shoulder_Left) should maintain it’s X axis with (Bip01 L Clavicle)
This results in the shoulder maintaining its shape even when we twist the arm.
Ok…now for the Pelvis,Thigh and Butt.
(Rig_Bum_Left) change rotation controller to ‘Orientation Constraint’ type.
Assign (Rig_Pelvis_Con) and (Bip01 L Thigh) as orientation targets…see fig 02…third column
After doing this…when you rotate your leg…(Rig_Bum_Left) should rotate in-between (Rig_Pelvis_Con) and (Bip01 L Thigh)
This helps to maintain the Butt shape. You can adjust the balance by weight.

Now the tricky part…
(ExposeTransform_Thigh_Left) is a Helper Object found in ‘Create’ - ‘Helper’ called ‘ExposeTm’.
What this does is, Extract the rotation values of whichever ‘bone’ especially good for IK bones.
Anyway…we are using it to find out the values of (Bip01 L Thigh)… the Y and Z axis in particular.
We want to feed this information to (Rig_Thigh_Left)
But we want (Rig_Thigh_Left)'s X axis to be same as that of (Rig_Pelvis_Con)
This will give you the desired results of maintaining the shape and volume of the inner Thigh.
See fig 03…Assign (Bip01 L Thigh) as Expose Node.
(Rig_Con_Thigh_Left) as the Local Reference Node.
Parameter wire the X,Y and Z rotation of (Rig_Thigh_Left) as seen in Fig 03.
*…in the image it’s the right leg…but it’s the same procedure
Ok…now you are done…for one side…:slight_smile:
Do the same for the Right side.
If everything went well…you should be happy…because your rig can do extreme poses now. :slight_smile:

Cheers Everyone…


thanx AdrianCher! Great tutorial! I’m going to try this rig right away.


That’s really impressive :thumbsup: Thanx!


Thanks for taking the time to explain your setup. Looks like a great way to avoid some of Biped’s shortcomings. :thumbsup: E.


Yeah, great, very inspiring, ill try to make a character like this when I get home!