spiderman animation


this is a personal project I’m working on. All models textures etc are place holders. Animation still needs a little attention in some places. All was completed in 55 hours. This includes putting together the set, figuring out the sequence via 3d animatic, and obviously all character animation. Everything is 100% keyframed, no mocap used. any feedback welcomed. I am currently in the process of building and texturing the city. I will then refine the spiderman model and rigging, tweak the animation, then get onto some lighting.




file doesn’t exist


I just downloaded it from the link posted no problem. Try going into the root here


and download the file 'S2_1stPass.avi ’


hey wow, great work! I really like the pacing of the animation, it really flows well. The main part that bothers me is when he leaping up the wall near the beginning, the poses inbetween seem wierd and it seems too slow to be fighting gravity. The animation is really strong though, I’m just pointing out the parts that i feel arent as strong as the rest. inspiring work man, can’t wait to see the finished piece. :slight_smile:


That was awesome, I really liked the animation and movements of the character. I reckon it is looking really good. I also can;t wait to see the finished piece keep it up.



Man that’s awesome, maybe you would get more replies by posting single renders too instead of only animation link :slight_smile:


dang…that was tight. Yeah what the other guy concerning him going up the wall when he does his little jumps at the beginning. those look a little bit off to me. he should be fighting gravity a little bit more i think when he’s doing that. but other wise. its looks nice. do some more. nice camera work too.


Great work!

The only thing that really bother me is the spiderweb that he shoots out - It look too thick and like a rope suddenly appears. Perhap, u could look into this.


thankyou all for your replies. This is still WIP, hence the strand-in web… it will be handled differently for the final.

thankyou for the animation comments, I will see to them in the next animation pass.

I will attach some still frames when I get the chance, no time at the moment.


wow what are you useing to animate spidey?


awesome… very very nice… at first when I saw the first 2 seconds, I was saying… “ehh, sucks” but then he moved… then he climbed, he swung, he leaped, he spun around… ahhh… awesome work man


4th-Child : Biped/ max 6 (I’m really missing biped at work atm, I’ve had to adjust to using bones which is a little foriegn to me!

pureprplaya : the establishing shot is a little dry as there is no final geometry or textures in there. I will post some stills of the new city I’m building when I get a chance.


wow CS4 is really that good!!!
how did you get the motion data for the character? cause its so smooth!!!


Damn, almost better than watching the film. Only thing I can say is, he is doing too many back flips. Why not vary that up with some forward flips or things of that nature. Nice Job!


4th-Child: all hand keyed from scratch. I’ve spent 55 hours in total. 2 days building animatic, incuding building set (I used 2 existing buildings from a previous animation which were then duplicated… http://www.cgtalk.com/showthread.php?s=&threadid=78252

then 4 days animating the character.


WOW time well spent i say :smiley: you got a website i could look at?


thanks 4th-Child. I’m building a website atm, it’s not ready yet. In the mean time check out my other posts below my signiture if you like.


OMG OMG i just saw you girl ball animation!!
thats some really nice motation she has really nice!!! and the ball very cool?
have you done more work on her?


I do have other animation for her, though it’s not posted or up on the web atm. Too busy with work, and this spiderman animation. When I’ve finished the spiderman animation I’ll post my showreel with all her animation, along with the best of my other work.


looking forward to it dude!!!:smiley: