Spiderman animation finally finished!


Hello all. After throwing around my spiderman sequence in the WIP section for around 1 1/2 years, I’ve finally dragged it kicking and screaming into this forum. It wants more done to it, but I’ve other things I would like to move onto. The WIP thread has almost 400 replies, which was great motivation to get the project finished. It can be dfound here:


It was done in Max, and Character Studio. Rendered in Vray, comped in combustion and after effects. I completed the whole sequence, from boards through to composit alone. I did it in spare time after work, which is why it’s taken so long to get out the door!

I may post a breakdown of each section of the project at some point, quite a few people requested it in the WIP forum, so hopefully I can find the time.

Enjoy, and thanks to all who offered suggestions throughout the WIP process.

I’m also looking for work, anywhere around the world, so if you are interested contact me here:

+61 2 416 133123

http://www.okkio.com.au/animation/Spiderman_Tim-GolsbySmith.wmv 28mg

(had to remove .mov file due to eccesive downloads. Email me if you want an mov and I’ll see what I can do.

(please right click as save file)


i do remember your wip thread.
i’ve watched your spiderman animation over and over again while in the beginning stages.
even though i’m more of a modeler, your spiderman animation has inspired into doing some animation of my own even though i’m no good at it.

i see one thing that erks me about your animation but if you’re willing to recieve some comments then i’ll post it.

more enough fantastic work and good luck! :thumbsup:


Whaaaa! Thats amazing. Not only the character itself, but the city… How long did that take?


This is totally amazing
My only minor crit would be some wierd gravity issues, especially the very last jump, when he lands. but that’s minor…5 stars! deserves front page!


nubian: thanks. Glad it inspired you. Feel free to fire away crits, though this project won’t get touched again. There is a wealth of things I’d love to tweak, but it’s just such a big project for one person in his spare tim that I had to pull the plug somewhere!

globex: thanks. Building and rendering the city was the most time consuming part of the project. Probably 6 months to block out the city around the animation, then a year of rendering, remodeling, set dressing to camera etc.

Sephiros9883: thanks!

A bit of clarification on my choices with gravity:
The graivty thing comes down to a choice I made in finding the happy medium between realism and superhero movement. I guess more than anything I wanted dynamic movement. I wanted impact, and varied timing. I intended spidey to defy gravity pretty severely. Especially on the ins and outs of his arcs, I specifically over I accelerated his accents and decents, and kept the midpoints really lofty to give that feeling of a spidey flinging himself effortlessly around the top of the city. Almost like he belongs in the air, he’s really comfortable floating until the very last second, when gravity finally gets him it rips him out of the sky, though on decent he simply fires another web to slinghot himself strait back there. I really wanted to give the feeling that spidey was out having a play with his abilities. This decision was made early on in the animation when his movement was more realistic. The problem I had was he looked like a gymnast rather than the worlds greatest superhero.

Hope that makes sense!

Thanks again for your replies.


It’s a hell of work - I know and this is very good invested time of yours.
Besides many things what are good, I do see some movement issues, some floatings in the sky, sometimes missing gravity, but you controle very good the bouncing of the landing. Also the camere movement is towards the end of the animation getting better and better.
In overall, impressive work.


awesome, good to see this finally finished :slight_smile:
top stuff



Incredible man! just incredible.

Best animated work from a privat person i have seen so far
And i like special the cam moves! great idea!

from me !!



great animation, its amazing to see what you can do in your spare time off work. looking forward to see your other work.


Great Jobs, bravo.

  1. i thought a shot from spideys POV on the 22nd-23rd second would have been nice and slurpy adding more juice to the hard work gone in attaining the level of detail you got in there…

  2. something with the intercut when he hurls himself up doing a somersault…the cut does not look very convincing…

  3. overall - killer stuff…applauds for the sustained efforts…had seen the first wip and it has shaped out well since then…nice gymnastic moves…love the camera…overall - FIVE STARS

do yourself a quick help…and get some mirrors…your servers stand getting hammered…
cheers! and goodLuck with the job hunting…:beer:


Totally impressive work! very close to the film


wow okkio, I view this in my work area, couple of people around me said “is that the new spiderman movie…”
that is really cool, impressive

5stars from me, hope you can continue more :beer:


This is beautiful animated sequence! I love your render style too. But animation has little timing mistakes. It’s not match with your description of gravity animation style. I think, it needs to be retouched. :shrug: Sometimes he moves very fast like a superhero, however after these he slows down and strives to move like he tired.
Anyway, it was a pleasure to watch it.
Keep good working


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really amazing…i am watching u from your first thread for this spiderman
great work


Thanks for the positive feedback guys. I’ll be posting my reel shortly aswell, so keep your eye’s peeled.



okkio, what where the render times, did you use GI? Anyway it’s good to see some quality 3dsmax work.


I am a Spider-man fan, who has watched its early movies till the present ones including the TV animated series. For a work like this done by a single person in his spare time is really top-notch. A one-man production studio, indeed! The environmental scenes shows good visual workmanship and dedication to details. As for the animation, it captured the essence of the movie, which I understood your vision in choosing certain motions and timing. There is emphasis in showing real-time and slow-motion movements. Such is the way for the audience to capture how Spider-man moves rather than moving in the air in a glimpse. You can certainly make a fine addition to the CGI team for the Spider-man movie or other blockbuster movies in Hollywood. All the best in your job searching and I hope your work get noticed by the Hollywood director for Spider-man himself. Excellent work!


lukx, I rendered using the environment vray light, not really GI, more hdri. Using vray irradience maps I probably averaged about 4 min per frame. There were probably around 7 passes per shot, which gives about 1/2 hour to 45 minfor each frame of each shot. I was pretty lucky not having to do many re-renders. I had 2 machines (dual 2800 amd, single 3000 amd) rendering whilst I was at work and sleeping. It worked out well, as each weekend I’d do a few tweaks, set up some renders, then monitor them every now and again throughout the week. I kept that up for about a year and eventually got the job done!

Norl: thanks! Good to hear you appreciate the work!