Spider web, Jonathan Cuesta Sanchez (3D)


Title: Spider web
Name: Jonathan Cuesta Sanchez
Country: España
Software: 3ds max, finalRender, Photoshop

Spiderweb with drops of dew.the spider web is done by splines.Pflow used to scatter drops on spider web. Simple HDRi lighting.finalDof used and Photoshop to postprocessing


Nice lighting and rendering Jonathan.

It would be good to see a spider nearby.


good Idea for 3D rendering .
nice render.


Very cool. I really like this piece, the dof is great.


It looks nice, but are droplets really completely unnaffected by gravity? I’d assume a certain ammount of distortion would accur. Right now the droplets look perfectly spherical.


nice work…


nice Rendering and idea .
liked it so much !


Thank for the comments guys.All dropplets are affected by gravity but only the littles ones are completely affected.The effect of gravity in the bigger ones is less observable.
Sorry for my english!


nice work
keep going~


I really like this one. Simple. Great dof.


Very nice shot, like it! It’s a bit too empty but that doesn’t affect my opinion;)


Wow very nice render. Great work. Thats another good example that simple things also can look awesome! Very nice idea. I also like the dof in there. Great piece. Thumbs up!


I’ve always liked to model minimalist or “empty” scenes.

Thanks for comment


Oh. I like all kind of close up renders. But this one is beautiful… :slight_smile: Simple but great… :slight_smile:


good rendering :slight_smile:


Different idea,congratz!


This is quality. I need to take a look at finalRender…Well Done.


So simple but so briliant at the same time. this is one of the pic that gives me inspiratian to go out an just look.

Great job dude/dudet



It’s so real , perfect work !


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