Spider Robot, Adrien Lambert (3D)


I have some doubts would like to ask everyone to see many outstanding 3 D works are used by Photoshop, do not know why ?


You know what I think about your work ! :applause:

Great work, awesome picture and comp, you achieved a crazy cool mood ! :smiley:
Congratulations for the award, you deserve it Adrien ! :cool: :beer:


Bon, je suit Shimrod, mais je posterai pas en anglais (oué j’suis encore trop juste …)

Donc dans la langue de … capello.

Bravo Adrien et félicitation pour ce award ! :applause:
Qui est bien mérité ! :cool:

On a eu la chance (la scool) de voir le WIP de cette image.
Je pense que à l’avenir, tu va nous pondre d’autre image qui seront aussi bien et même sûrement meilleurs ! :wink:



nice lighting!
i like it very much!!!
good job


great one
keep working


Very cinematic…good details …i like the(clair-obscur) environement …its like a scene from a fantastic movie…


Wow! Beautiful job Adrien!

I love everything about this scene. The mood, lighting and styling are magic. Very cute spider mech. The capped wire legs are great touches. I love the little details and scale references like the mic gauge in the foreground. Very well crafted story and marvelous execution. 5 stars.


Gratulations with posting at 3D World magazine!


Thanks :thumbsup:
Merci les 3Dscooleux. :wink:

Gratulations with posting at 3D World magazine!

Oh great, could you tell me in which 3D world issue is it please ? I’m not in the know yet :blush:


Last issue 109 page 13


nice job like the compositing…nice warm feel


this is great Spider,


That’s a menacing spider - great work


Very nice spider man :slight_smile: very lovely :slight_smile:

but i think the suspended particles in the air are little distracting …
otherwise very sweet work



Beautiful piece of art!
Love the mood of the scene!


Amazing… great render :bowdown:


Wow, I’m surprised no one has mentioned the proportion of the leaves! They look like maple leaves, which are quite big in real life.

Anyway, it’s still a great piece!


very cool and nice render …


great work i like


“Spiderpig, spiderpig,
does whatever a spider does…
Can he swing from a web?
No he can’t he’s a pig!
Look out here comes the spider piiiiig!”
-Homer Simpson-

yeah it reminded me of that part of the film

anyway nice work!