Spider Robot, Adrien Lambert (3D)


First, thanks again for your feedbacks.

looks very sad. You think you’ve found something good and you discover you’ve been robded! If you had credited the original, nore stating you gat it from an original idea…

   Hello shtl,
   There is a misunderstandig. Indeed the robot's concept was made by Stephane Halleux (an artist that I admire). BUT do you think I really rob his concept ? No, before to send this work on portfolios I asked for the permission, if someone would ask him if I really have the permission he will confirm that yes... [b]Nevertheless it's true that I forget to quote him[/b] in the description. Anyway for this portfolio... if you look in the 3Dworld mag109 or in the td3d galerie, or 3dscool forum it's properly written that the concept is made by Stephane Halleux... Actually I modified the description I made in the 3D world mag to put it hier with more "technical" precision, I believed I quote Stephane because it was almost the same description in the 3Dworldmag but in my urging I miss him as you notice and I'm really sorry about that !

sorry about this matter. Best regards.

PS : mon anglais est assez approximatif, j’espère toutefois qu’on m’a compris. ^^


ok then, but as the prim descrition could lay some doubt about the design paternity i thougth it should be mention… no problem then if you credit the initial designer…


Please edit your original description so it reflects the full depth of your work (and others).
That said, outstanding job on your part, you really did justice to Stephane’s bot, great mood in this image :thumbsup:


Looks like you are able to edit a message?
Oh OK then! Just don’t forget to mention his name on the first post and on your portfolio since it is not an option. :wink:

Anyway, I’m glad to hear it’s not that “bad”.

Keep up good work.


Excellent work
Keep it up!


Great works , nice DOF .


cool!i like it


Great Work !!! 4* for me


:applause: :applause: :applause:


Great work! Maybe, spider’s back texture can be bigger(high res.) then this…
Ofcourse that is my opinion :wink:


Phantastic mood and nice colors. Also the atention you brought
to all the details in your robot. Really great. understanding


Really nice work. I love the lighting and the textures that you used. 4 stars for me


very detail.
great concept too


love your design ! thats a good way to combine thin and thick forms ! nice contrast ! :thumbsup:


Really like it, The legs are so fine!


really nice , great details , light & texture (5*)

i will be glad if i now your opinion about my works thanks


very cute robot :slight_smile:


Great texture on everything! I like environment that surrounds the spider. How did you come up with this idea?


i like it…nice work everything looks in preportion


Amazing detail.
I really like the blurred background.