Sphere with liquid. Approach?


Hello guys,

Been ages I’ve done animations, I quickly need to set up a sphere half filled with a liquid.
Do some basic rotation, nothing more.

What approach should I use?
Xparticles, Realflow, or is it possible without plugins?



Depends on the level of detail needed. Theoretically you could place a bunch of small, dynamic spheres inside your larger sphere and use the metaball object to mesh them into a goopy substance.

If you need something more realistic than that, then I’d suggest Xparticles as the more affordable (time + money) option.


Thanks Luke, will try out the metaball!


Meta a bit too blobby :slight_smile: Will ook into Xparticles.


On April 5, 2016 someone posted a file that did this
with a container that kept the liquid inside level … if thats what you need. :hmm:


Yes, Liquid has to stay inside behave like smooth oil.


Ahh, oil … this file doesn’t have the viscosity of oil …
You may need to get a liquid sim plugin like Realflow.


Think so too! thanks for the help.


Skinner set to be sliced by the sphere.
Looks great and reacts well to sphere being moved around.

I ran a test with about 20,000 particles per second. Ran it for 200 frames then cut off the emitter. Then you have a sphere that is half full.

There are viscocity settings in the flip solver so you can make it a thicker substance like oil


Thanks for the info! Will give it a go!


Here’s a file I created some time ago to achieve a similar effect; it shouldn’t be too difficult to reverse engineer this for your purposes. This is a wine glass but you’ll get the idea. Basically I’m suspending a large dynamic cube above the glass using a ball and socket connector. This cube object subtracts from the wine using a boolean object, and reacts to the movements of the glass fairly realistically. I also added some simple Xpresso to displace the surface of the wine as the glass moves, but you probably don’t need that for oil. If you increase the linear and angular damping in the Rigid Body tag of the Subtract Cube you can probably get more oil like behavior as well.

This isn’t real fluid dynamics of course, but it’s a lot faster and maintains a flat fluid surface, which can be tough when working with an actual fluid sim. Anyway, good luck!

Liquid in glass sample

Liquid in glass C4D file


Thanks Frizz, sweet! looking into it! :lightbulb: