sphere swelling through globe mesh


hello there

im trying to scale a sphere inside a mesh-globe and as it hits its boundaries deform it. actually i wanted it to behave like an air ballon, but i would also be happy with the amorph shape i accidentally got (screenshot 1).

i would like to export scale + deformation as PLA but as i switch from object to point mode the sphere deformation disappears (screenshot 2). also the deformation only works if the inner sphere isnt centered. if its at 0 0 0 the sphere only gets some minor craters (screenshot 3). additionally if i try to avoid the interference with the globes rods by upping the segments of the sphere, the deformation gets bulky, almost cuboid.

what i got so far i achieved by throwing a collision deformer on the sphere (volume (outside)) and assigning it to the globe. then move the sphere a little and scale it (object mode).
im new to cinema so i hope you could enlighten me about a better method for what i would like to do.

thanks so much in advance


you could use a SoftBody (with a connector to hold it in place) and use Pressure with a vertex map in Stiffness to let it bulge where you want


thanks a lot! i will try it.


i think i pretty much understand how its supposed to work, but cannot setup the vertex map the right way.
currently looks like this. do i need to copy the shape of the globe mesh into the spheres vertex map? / how can i do this?

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I created the spline cage for the cage from the sphere itself using Edge to Spline so it matches automatically. Then from the same selection of edges to make the spline I did a control-click to points mode to transfer that selection to the matching points then Set Vertex Weight from that. 100 for the same place as the splines and 15 or so at the top/bottom of the sphere as it bulged a bit too much in those spots - 0 everywhere else.

Here’s my test file - https://app.box.com/s/fd8ewu5uwkd4w1aiyli6mylmdwvj2zag