Speedtree users: I have a question in regards to C4D


I tried the Speedtree demo - and it claimed that Cinema 4D is one of the export formats it supports. I could not find that option anywhere though it says it clearly in the manual that you can export to the Cinema 4D format. (It lists FBX, OBJ, Alembic, Cinema 4D and raw XML)

When I contacted Speedtree tech support about it, they said I would need to export to Alembic or FBX or OBJ as normal, then run a script which would setup the materials properly.

This is not what the manual says.

So I’m trying to figure out…what is the proper way to use Speedtree with C4D? Unfortunately my trial lperiod has ended and I’ve yet to get it working properly.

What is your workflow?


The manual is not updated for V8 afaik. V7 used to have a built-in .c4d exporter. V8 you’ll want to export as .fbx or alembic then import into cinema via the script they provide.


Thanks for the info!