This may be a stupid question but I have to ask. I have a g4 desktop computer and a g4 powerbook. Is their any way that i can network them so that when I render (using lightwave) I can combine the processor power and cut down my rendering times.:buttrock:


Check the manual, you can use a utility that comes with Lightwave called ScreamerNet.


Hmm… subject is a tad misleading. I thought I was gonna have to resort to my misspent youth to help here. :surprised

Anyhow, in theory, you should beable to link the two together via an ethernet crossover cable. Apparently more modern macs will even do this with a normal ethernet Rj45 cable. You’ll obviously need ethernet ports in both your systems, but it should be resonably easy to get them both to talk to each other.

Bear in mind I don’t have any experience with networking macs - I asked the technical manager who’s currently sat next to me… he knows a thing or two about these bizarre machines. :slight_smile:

If you need help with Screamernet then you might want to look through the tuts on the following site:




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