Speed paints


“Waiting for Assignment”



Been so long since I made a speed paint just for fun. Will try and get back in the saddle again.
So much good work in this forum now. Glad to see this thread goes on…



What the heck, another one.


Just started to do speed paints. Here are some I did yesterday on iPad, while watching Castle on my notebook =)


Just finished 20min. IPad +Artrage


Why so quite in here?

Here is another iPad speed paint:


Great Stuff man! Keep it up, I’ve seen some incredible art come off those things! Very Jealous


Hi, thought I would join in. This is a speedpainting I did last night.


Incredible work all!
Really nice job, you guys just motivated me to reboot my speed painting hours. :slight_smile:

this was my last two I did it some time ago. (5 - 8 hours (nothing speedy about it. it is for me :P))


every time I look at this thread I am amazed by wonderful art work :slight_smile:

I need to practice :smiley:


Don’t know if people still post in this thread but here’s my contribution.

About 2-3 hours. Picture of SF bay.

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Another painting. Not really a speed paint, but all well. 6-7 hours or so. This is a painting of a still frame from the movie Full Metal Jacket. I liked the lighting in this scene so I thought it would be fun to paint.

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Still on this page eh?


Talk about bringing this thread back to life! Lots of inspiration here. Come on everyone, post away! Wouldn’t hurt to churn out a 10 minute speedy :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

My latest.

edit: Crap, didn’t realize there was a 2012 speedpaint thread that was basically pointless to make.


Kind of surprised to see this thread bumped, nice surprise. :slight_smile:
I’ve been following your stuff over at Sijun wiredgear. :slight_smile:


Hmm interesting to see my old stuff is still there even on the previous page, I used to post as Matthew-S here back in the day. Time flies by…


lol it’s been years since I posted here on CG Talk… tried looking for the speedpaint thread so I went to my archived posts and found it there. Didn’t know there was a new speedpainting thread. Oh well. I have also seen you at the sijun forums dude, I haven’t been active for quite a long time but I have gone through there weekly just to check up on you folks. Hasn’t been quite active for the past few years -_-

There has to be another place where it’s heavily active no?


Somehow I doubt it, I actually talked about it with another guy in Sijun. Been posting less myself because of less activity all around. Might be that most focus on their own blogs or something…


Weird… Seems like the speedpaint thread era is disappearing slowly… I regret not being active back in the days now -_-. Bummer.

I don’t blame the people, the Sijun forums are too old and outdated. A mass e-mail to everyone would be nice imo… :twisted:


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