Speed paints


no speed thread here??? Let’s start it with 30 minute doodle. Apologies in advance. Post up guys.

Crap, Have I really been gone that long? it’s 02/11 now! I promise to post.



OOooOO I was just going to make a new thread for this. I haven’t posted in a while since my scanner’s sort of…dead. Therefore I decided to break out the old tablet(Don’t eat me alive Wacom_knight) and make this little doodle. This was mostly an experiment to learn Painter’s tools so go easy me. I’d still like critiques please.

I bow before the speed painting might that is sleepless, but why is there white canvas on the bottom left corner? love it still.


all right, way to jump in…Cockofthewok! here we go.

white space…uhh, unfinished area. Where’s Joerentja?

another from me tonight, from ref.


This interested me I did this in like 20 mins in painter… A different approach than I usually take. No ref used. Here it is… -Jeremy-


Nice drawings!
Here´s mine, 30 min. dedicated to Jeroentje, it´s the Hollandia.




I’m still learning with my tablet, here’s my latest image, took me about 10 mins. I’ve a long way to go yet. :hmm:[IMG]



cool stuff sleepless… Shitty i have some packing up to do for school. Maybe ill have time to do some new speed paintings later tonight, i feel inspired. But ill post a speed painting a did a little while ago. Not too many people saw this. Its a reproduction of a cropped hehe Anders Zorn ( GREAT PAINTER) painting.

I dont remember how long it took. Not that long… around an hour.


my 40 minutes of overworking it. agh.

Plouffe- nice tones there. post then pack, and post more when you get settled in. I always like your works. Pancreas- how’d you do that? Roach[MXF]- nice aggressive comic look. makes me wanta try one without halftones. Keep em coming.

I vowed to do 1 a day to learn more about PS7


Here you go than.
Selfportrait, about 5 to 10 minutes.

Pancreas, that is a really gorgeous piece! Only 30 minutes???
I should actually do one of the Spanish Armada now LOL
Dunno if you’re interested in Tall-Ships, but than you should read the great book “Batavia’s Graveyard” by Mike Dash. He describe the daily routine on a ship like this very well. I am warning you for the


Pancreas: That ship is amazing!! I want to see more work from you! WOW!:smiley:


made myself stop at 60mins. never got beyond the green.

jeroentje> you made an appearance! more Elvi please.


30 minutes? Damn, you guys are fast! 30 minutes only got me this far…

Probably won’t be finished for another 3 hours!


Originally posted by Sleepless
you made an appearance! (…)

Huh? My English… :shrug:

(…) more Elvi please.

I was planning a whole bunch of them, fat, skinny etc. No time though. Work mainly and I am doing some chick (drawing I mean :wink: ).


Elvi = many Elvis. he he.


LOL yes I understood. I meant about the appearance. But i think I get it now :wink:


Elvis? Well sort of… about 40 minutes.


LOL! too cool dude. love it. Maybe Elvis’s agent? The hairy chest cracked me up. ha ha.

GandalftheGrey> what part of Ohio?


So, my first action as a mod: sticky this thread :wink:
Let’s kick some life into 2D artwork :beer:


you’ve got some big plans. Doncha bucko?