Speed Models with Videos


Hi Andy, so far it looks pretty well, how many polygons do you have so far andy when are u going to finish it up?
Ps: I’d love to see some not organic character timelapse modeled in wings :slight_smile:


cheers Zonk

Ive not done alot of non-organic stuff in wings, just because of the whole “your not allowed to have a hole issue.”

The only non-organic stuff ive done in wings was this silly walkman.

I didnt know non-organic was popular enough, plus its time consuming doing these vids, as i diont have the fastest computer and i like to work with a few polys :), plus especially with non-organic there are quite a few vids outthere or at least a few good tutorials.

anyways, been working on Maxi Jazz, doing the full body, gonna take a production/digital double approach. Still havent done much zbrushing on the bolthead guy, need to get back to him. He is gonna be my Houdini guniea pig hehe, gonna try cloth on him, gonna rig him in there, and gonna try and see what i can do in terms of facial animation.

Need to UV map the beard dude, want to get sculpting on him as soon as possible.

Been doing some more zbrushing on that tumor guy. He is 80% done, need to fix the mouth, feet, forearm and some other areas. (i cant wait for either mudbox or Zbrush 2.5 im soo not loving the non perspective viewport)


Hi Andy, the model looks great now but as You said his feet need to be fixed.
I hope You will add some more detail to his “hands” because now it’s not very interesting :smiley:
Now i have some question: Are You using a normal map for the low poly model (in tut) or You’re exporting it from zbrush to maya/houdini? I’ve tried to work with some high poly models in MAX i think that it’s almost the same as houdini or maya and i realised that it’s very difficult rig or even uvw map it, not only because many polys but also because other programs than mudbox/zrush don’t weight with so much detail… And i think that if you’d like to animate him it would be extremly difficult to do this on Personal computer…
So tell me do You just export those models/do normalmap or mayebye then in maya/houdini You rebuild that mesh to be easier to work with ?


Cool thread man.Soon I’m also gonna make some head speed models.It looks like alot of fun!



Great work Andy,

waiting to see more of that work.


cheers guys,

well been doing alot of playing and a little work. Mainly been playing with silo 2.0. Its an amazing app but dont think i will do alots of work with it until its finaled and until i get a intuos3. I current have a 2 button wacom voileto (very very cheap).

Anyways like i said been playing with silo, decided to do a female model. I had recorded alot fo it, but there were alot of video errors i had to scrap it (sorry guys). It’s stuff you have probably seen before, it was with silo 2.0 new and improved poly tools. She still looks glassy eyed but i will be working on her for a while.

Been working on Maxi Jazz, in Wings3d. If Silo 2.0 final get a little tweak here and there, i might be putting wings to sleep soon. awwwwww. But its still my fav modeler at the moment. So yeah this is the first block out of the body. Tons of proportional errors and weird shapes. Look at the arms for instance.

But yeah, geometry is finaled. I used silo 2.0 on the feet, because i find it hard to model feet poly by poly, point by point. So i sculpted it and de-rez it back in wings. Here is a screenie while im in the middle of this process.

more updates soon.



just a lil something ive been working on. Hair is temp. but will be working on it.


did a speed/sketch model tonight and recorded every minute of it. Concept by tim Bruckner, awesome guy.

Look for the video to be up tomorrow.

edit:// hey there zonk,

Missed ya post last tie, yep his arms, feet and turmor on his back are next on the agenda, at the moment spent few minutes in lower subiv levels. Ther are a few workflows i use when doing characters. Fro the turmor guy i will probably do a displacement along with bump map for houdini (i will rig him in Houdini). For maya i will delete the sub div levels below 3 or 4, and generate a normal map, and use it for a still in maya, along with SSS shader. But houdin is what i want to animate him in, should i get the chance. :). Right now just thinking about a still.


here’s the vid

for some reason the audio recorder kept stopping, so i had to go back in a few areas to carry on where i left off, so some place it it sounds weird, but hopefully its coherent.

Angry Boy

Link for the video on page 1


the angryboy file isnt opening… its M.I.A.


should work now


thanx… I will enjoy



hope you did,

lil update. Just finishing off the characters now.

Here is the hybrid catfish. Sculpted in zbrush also with hand painted bump map, but you cant see that from these screenies.

a 'lil homage to Toy Story and Batman Returns. This character needed something to add a bit of life into it so i thought a rocket might do the trick :).

here is a screenie of how silly the detail got, the buckle actually has all the right groves inside so theoretically it will clip in dynamically.

This character is pretty much done, now into the others, probably finish up that bolthead guy, and the turmor dude, then maxi, that screeming guy, might throw in a new model here or there.

I might do a render for you next week to show how much detail there is. We shall see.



lil update


This is awsom!! Only this I can say… i’ll better watch all stuff tahn talk.

Great job… you are a good man :slight_smile: If you ever wiell be in Poland we have to go on beer :slight_smile:

P.S. Do you use any sripts, plugins , because i don’t know where i can find this fancy magnetic option which allows you to move lot’s of vertxe’s.

I had attached a little file to help you understanding me :).

Best regards… and good bless you!


nice work man keep em coming.


wow i thought this thread has sunk into the blue nowhere :).

ramze: Whenever i make it to poland i will be sure to look you up, i have had polish beer in the past. Nice stuff.

Yeah the tool your talking about is the magnet tool which is part of the tweak tool in wings3d. I dont know the default hotkey for Tweak, but once you are in that mode hit the 1 key and whenever you move you get the blue circle showing your influence.

The recent version of wings3d is even better showing you how the falloff is, dome, spike, straight. Use the plus and minus keys to make the influence bigger or smaller.

If you using maya maybe the best thing is the soft modification tool, but the tweak in wings is soo much better. Still love maya though :).

hope this helps.


Thanks for help… I have only one problem with “scaling” size of magnetic option, becsause I am working on laptop and there is no “plus” and “minus” keys, maybe you know any other way to change it??

And maybe you would be so nice and you will make a video withoth speed increased with full lenght of the material and yours comment? Step by step for newbies… huh?

If you have problem with server… i can help you. Maybe my friend will place films on his site.

Best regards


Thanks so much for posting up these videos. They’re really enjoyable, and i’ve learned alot just from watching a listening. The Angry Boy video was great.

I think i’m going to do some speed models and sculpts now, you’ve inspired me.:slight_smile:

Anyways, hope to see more!


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