Speed modeling sessions - post your topic suggestions !


If you have any idea for cool speed modeling topics, just post them there!
thank you.


armor/helmets - something hardsurface
interior mouth (teeth, gums, tongue)
comic characters heads (batman, superman, spiderman, hellboy etc) maybe give em 5 hours.
feet (I think this was done)


Cheesey B movie scarey creatures - Like werewolfs, frankenstein, vampires, creature from the black lagoon.

Pick 2-3 animals and morph them into one creature.

If you did something a little more vague like Themes on Ancient Japanese Warriors, it might open it up so that people that aren’t so into organics might be able to get in with swords or something.


Wonders of the ancient world!


how about we do a really quick type of session where the focus is on interestingly shaped beings. it doesnt have to be high poly. actually the focus would be to keep it low poly and be rather interpretative. ( unless you want to use Zspheres and then go wild with some brushing ) what thinks you?

this way we could experiment with a number of weirdly shaped beings, instead of making just one over 3 hours or so…


Hey ambient-whisper, i really like that last idea, could be very fun.

A nice mix of organic and mechanical models should be sweet as well as they have different aproaches to modeling.

Look foreward to this.


the session has been started. you can go here to join. :slight_smile:




Broken ship
Spectacular stairs
Cathedral roof
Car pieces
Low poly dinosaurs
Eiffel-like things
model your home fachade
houses for cartoon
people for a far view
the tower


" Abstract Modern Art Sculpture "
( could be a great subject to see abstract shape )


Prom dress. Remember trying to see what’s behind them? Well now this will force you to actually look at one.


I think ancient architecture is a difficult yet rewarding test of skill.


I think this whole idea is pretty stupid unless there is some sort of structure to it.
A far better method than the current 'post a picture of a model and say “I did this in x minutes - honest!”, woud be to have a hard limit of say, one hour, and for people to post an hour long video capture of the entire session. That way people can download and watch the modeling sessions and learn from others techniques, so this whole exercise is actually wothwhile.
There are plenty of free file hosts on the internet these days, so bandwidth is not a problem, plus wiht xvid compression and winrar, you can get a one hour 800x600 video capture down to 10mb at acceptable quality.


when i first started to model what helped me to improve was taking just a sphere and trying to create a number of modelsform it. such as monsters, planes, etc. i think that is would be a good challenge becouse it only takes a few hours to do.


LIke Rodins’ “Thinker”, or that tall statue of the naked guy with the fig leaf, Maybe the sphinx, our quick reditions of thiose would be challenging and cool.


You could do some catchy ones too, like speed model everything on your desk or something like that.


Why not having a couple of speed modeling sessions to create a scene in the end? Like making a stage for a band. First the instruments giving some time to model 4 or more instruments. Then the stage and as this forum realy impresses me everytime i vissit it’s probably no problem to model some rockstars or some also. And in the end everyone posts his scene.

You can do all kinda scenes like modern/classic interiors. Or exteriors like an airforce base or maybe even end up with a galactic battle scene with fighter craft, rockets flying, big space stations and meteors.

Each model should have it’s own timelimit based on the difficulty.

I think this would be realy fun, you can end up with a great looking scene without to many modeling hours. Only thing is… it won’t be modeling alone anymore. If you need more ideas… i got lots.



Its soooo much harder to create someone beautiful vs. something ugly like a monster.

I really have respect for those of you that can create something beautiful in the same time that it takes others to just make monsters.

Just my one half cent = Beautiful people done in CG ( Models , actors … your girlfriend )


Is this thing still going or is it closed completely? I just saw it and though how fun that would be! Sorry that I’m too late… or “if” I’m too late?!?

If not, let me know…sounds like fun! :bounce:


Computer would be a cool idea (just the case… cool case mods etc.)
Monitor’s would be fun


Suggested topic: telephones

telephones have come in so many different shapes over the years and in different countries. Remember the donut phone from the 60’s? Quick, low poly, but yet attention to detail.