Speed modeling session : theme : Dinosaurs


Dinos. That’s the theme of this session running until friday 30 january.
You can do the whole body or focus on certain parts.
1-3 hours models, ref searching, concepting, shading, rendering not included.
Show wires, different views, tell how long it took and what soft you used.

Have fun!


Wow M@, did you read my mind or something? lol I had a feeling i was going to me dinosaurs.




No, He was reading my WALL! hehe! let’s show you what I have had on my wall, in front of my PC, since a few years ago:

and now which one should I pick to model? (though I’ve two cartoonish concepts ready to make! :slight_smile: a T-rex and a Triceratops.)


Another fun theme. Awesome choice!:beer:


Excellent!! I must do this one as well!!

Robo-dino…? :smiley: … … lol…


I think shading is more important than modeling in this theme, bumps, displacements, textures, but I’ll do…


Good luck


well I didn’t make the Robot one on time so I’m up for this one.

I had never done that much poly modelling untill the robot, and I certainly never did a speed session, so I can’t wait to see how this one goes…

Let the FUN begin!!:bounce:



wew this gonna be good, i can tell

gonna make me some chill dino…
do not know wich one though…

interesting topic… im curious what people will sent in here hehe


Alright. I don’t feel like working on my film just now. Time to pop in Jurassic Park and hit this session with a vengeance.


Allright, never did a speed session before, and it’s been a while I didn’t model anthing, I’ll try to do something, see ya mates!


is this based on the honor system of time?




didn´t know if I have time this week, maybe friday…hope so…a dino is another thing I never did…and it´s on my to do list =)

much fun everyone…

greetz, mostyle

question: must it be an real dino ,or it´s an fantasy freestyle dino OK?


I’m pretty sure the Time limit stands…it IS a speed modeling forum…:wink: :thumbsup:


:beer: Uaaauuu dinos ROX!
I want to participate of this modeling session.

I even haven´t a lot of time and I love dinosaurssss:p


f**k a dino in 3h thats hard - can i make a dino egg :slight_smile:


count me in for this one !


as soon as i get my computer back (tomorrow) im going to to all the speed modeling challenges i missed :slight_smile: :thumbsup:

time for action ;D

and these things help me alot also

cool idea by the way


I must be out of my mind…
I have work to do!

You guys feed my addiction too well.
I am in.



cool, I think I’ll have a go at this one