Speed modeling forum : please read


Welcome to the Speed modeling forum.

Here you can find weekly sessions with fixed themes, where everyone is free to participate; you participate by posting images of your model in the appropriate thread when you think you’re done, or when the max time limit is reached (usually 3 hours).

The purposes of those sessions are motivation, and personal improvement in the fields of modeling creativity,speed and technique. There are no winners, and no prizes.

Some “rules” for the participants:

  • Please focus on modeling. You can do a quick shading of your model after the time limit if you desire, but avoid texturing.

  • stay in the time range fixed, which usually is between one and three hours. I stay confident in the fact that participants do not “cheat” in posting false time information about their piece. If that would happen, it would be sad for the poster, that’s all. Anyway, no abberation has been posted so far.

  • do not post old models. The threads are not showcases of your works, but exercises. Try and do a new model that beats your older one instead.

  • try not to dilute the threads with chat. Avoid posts like “ok I’m in”, “ah! my comp crashed I can’t finish my piece” etc… posts may be deleted.

  • you can still post in older sessions. The purpose of the weekly thing is just to focus everyone on one topic, because it’s funnier and more instructive, but there is no “deadline”.

  • if you want to do random speed modelings, you’re welcome to post in the generic speed modeling thread

… that’s all for now. If you want further informations or anything, feel free to pm me.

Have Fun!