Speed Modeling Challenge: Music instrument


Hey there,
I hope this is allowed. I thought about starting a speed modeling challenge - The topic is “Muisc instrument”.

As you can tell there are some restrictions:

  • Modeling is limited to 60 Minutes (Speedmodeling!)
  • You have to submit three images: a flat shaded, a wireframe and a clay rendering.
  • Deadline is Sunday, 20.00 (GMT +1)

I hope there are will be many participants.

Kind regards,



Count me in on this one.

Now I just have to think of an musical instrument to model… hmmm, this should be fun.

Wish me luck!

P.S Does the 60 minutes include render time?


Nope, thats just modeling.


I would like to do it as well. Should we post it in here?


Okay, so here is my 60 minute model of a guitar… I play guitar thus why I modeled it. It was kind of fun having a time limit but as you can see I still a good deal to learn. Anyway please try not to laugh at my attempt.

Oh yeah, clay model?


Haha, I ran so totally out of time… 60min is mighty tough. :scream:
Guess I should have picked something a bit more simple, like a triangle, to suit my hard-surface skills. :smiley:

it was fun nontheless.


Man! I ended up not being able to do this challange. But for sure I would like to do the next one if you have another idea… :scream:

ZaneV: Nice guitar!

The_nr: Violin look beautiful. Its pretty detailed which is why you probably ran out of time. lol How did you model the handle?


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