Speed Creature, Andrew Suryadi (2D)


Title: Speed Creature
Name: Andrew Suryadi
Country: Jakarta
Software: Painter

Hi all, this is a speedy done in painter and photoshop about more than 2 hour.
would like to know some crits and comment.
Thanks for viewing:).


WoW,I can’t critizise it,because it’s a good peace of art I really like!


Really??Thanks for your comment, JhonnyGoo.:slight_smile:


Yes,really! Thumbs up!


Hi fellow indonesian.
I like the atmosphere. Maybe clear up some of the things. I can’t really tell the things on the left and bottom, but the building on the right is cool. And more details won’t hurt.


Hi Batavia, Thanks for the input, meant a lot for me.:).


sorry what was that ? i can hardy identify anything to criticize


umm, that was a creature, big creature. I adimitted that I’m not working on detail, just wanted to establish a mood and atmosphere.:slight_smile:


wonderful use of color, really adds to the atmosphere and mood


nice feel …really nice …


This paint is restlessly.I like this feeling that it gives off.


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