Specular issue with Arnold skin rendering


Hello there !

I’m running on a pretty weird issue with Arnold and specular mapping. I did my texturing on SP, wanting to try and make all of my own maps for this project. And for the specular, since SP doesn’t really come with any straightforward way to do it (that I know of), I simply made one based on my basecolor.

It turned out decent I think, but when using it in Arnold for rendering, it actually doesn’t seem to work properly.

Here is a screengrab of my map :

But when plugged in with the AiStandardSurface, it produces a result barely different from the default linear value.

(lighting is a bit shy in those, don’t mind it)

Spec direct aov :

Using a skydome HDRI-based lighting it even overexpose in some areas :

I would really appreciate some advice here ! :wink:


Alright, it turns out I’m an idiot. I simply forgot to remove a couple of area lights after adding the Skydome lighting.