Spectacular - The Journey, Michael See Zheng Xun (2D)


Title: Spectacular - The Journey
Name: Michael See Zheng Xun
Country: Malaysia
Software: Photoshop

hie people~here’s the final image i’ve made for the spectacular challenge,thanks to all my friends and the participants in the cgcommunity who’v helped me out.greatly appreciated:)
the story:
Mother Earth was a beautiful place where living being thrived,but that was another page of history since it was depleted of natural resourse and the ability to provide for the living.Where when it almost come to a breaking point that Earth cannot sustain life,humans however have but limited choice ,one of the more sensible choice,to leave Earth and to fine a new habitable planet to live in.However,the space technology was rush and wasnt perfected.Human colonies on these ‘‘habitable’’ planets looked far from being a civilised nation.though they were living quite well,they were working hard to make their new planet more Earth-like,much like what we remembered it so long ago.Though Earth has been a ‘dead’ planet to them,people pay homage to her by offereing the lantern of light and hope to her,as if they are moaning for their broken haven

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beautiful and original.love the mood a lot.congrats on your great job,mate.wish you the best in contest.cheers.:thumbsup: :bounce: ******:buttrock:


Zheng Xun~WOWyou’ve already finished a nice workkkk~I so love the scene’s painting~but I think that if give the sky a thorough painting that’s better then it~any way I like this picture~****4stars~~~:bounce: :bounce:


Very nice! Effective perspective and there is much going on there! Beautiful colours and style :thumbsup:


Hi Michael, beautiful work again,hehe4 beers!!:smiley:


nice work …:thumbsup:


nice Effects~!I like ur cool design


beautiful work so far. congrats on other master pic. 5 stars for you:thumbsup:


cool work!!*****


grats that u finish it mate :), great work 5 stars from me


Happy to see the result of your spectacular challenge, Good luck !


Very very good! 5 stars for you man! :applause:


I like this one at first time, great idea and great style, very unique work. Good luck with judging:thumbsup:


This is an awesome painting. It is so full of detail and atmosphere. I love it!


I love this pic!!! Beautiful color and nice composition! :thumbsup:


xric7 - hey xric,thanks alot for the comments,ur support meant alot to me:)i wish the best of luck to u as well

minminxu - i’m glad u like it minminxu~somehow i think the size and the quality has been compressed,u could click on the image to view for ther larger size:)thanks again my friend

K.Salonen - thank u so much for the comments.:scream:

Gonzalo Golpe - hehe~thanks for the beers~same goes to u buddy

gaianix,TR.HaDEs,prasa and Echo lee0515 - thanks friends.that encouraged me alot

keko - thanks mate~i wish the same goes to u

chrom -hie and thanks alot,u did a wonderful job too~will be looking forward to see more of urs

DeeVad - hie deevad~glad u like it.will see u in dsg somestimes:)

rawwad - thanks buddy for the encouragement,see ya in the next one~

Lync - thank u so much for the sweet comments.all the best to ya

Sean J - thank u sean for dropping by~;)


here’s some close ups

thanks again :slight_smile:


i think you altered your style compared to your previous pieces and honestly i like this one better. your strokes are smaller and more detailed - i think. i like the lightning on this one as well. keep it up.

hope to see more of these stuff in the future. keep in touch. cheers man.

:applause: :applause: :applause:


Marvelous painting~ top-notch concept~

THe best effort in ur own mike art series so far~

Definetely the best piece for ur own year 2005… haha…

Hope to see more environment stuff from u in future days.

Good luck in the judging!


Lovely image and concept. It’s wonderful. :slight_smile: