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soriah - Artistic nudes are acceptable. :smiley:


I was not talking about that post, but some later words where you seem to be loosing your patience. I do not say you used a harsh words, but “sound” of your words were not very friendly either. Seems that you lost your patience and decided I need no further help even I was almost alone in the sea.

I still respect that you tried to help me and have no hard feelings at all. You (and many others) just did not seemed to find a clear way to tell me what I needed to know. Luckily I got answers later and could get on working…actually with a bit different idea to be sure I do not broke rules.

As you see I was in a deeper conflict with “NOOB” and at the end we made up and shake hands. Personally I am willing to shake your hand too, since I remember you being nice on another thread a while ago. :slight_smile:



heh Pwallin when you have six million versions of the same question being thrown at you from all directions,your gunna get a little frustrated right?

give kirt a break:buttrock:

I thought we digitally shook hands so that we understood that this thread should only be used for questions and answers.and maybe a lil fun…heh

So come on just let it be. shakes hands again

Everybody be happy …or get thrown out the challenge :deal: .



Yeah, no problems here. At least I have managed to model something for challenge…that’s a good start. :slight_smile:



This has been addressed before, I know, but I’m still not sure on the outcome, so thanks in advance for replying ~

Can I develop two, or more, ideas in parallel, as long as I submit only one final image? In other words, can I go through some or all of the milestones (except the final one) with image No. 1, then do the same with Image No. 2, and only decide which one to submit at the end? Or would this be too confusing for the judges when looking back through the stages?



Hey guys - good challenge [In spite of me banging my head repeatedly against the wall since Monday looking for fresh ideas :slight_smile: ]

Just a couple of questions - which may even be a bit presumptouous in that they assume that I actually make it all the way to submission:

  1. I read earlier on in this thread that FTP is not up yet. I’m not looking for a specific date or anything, but perhaps a rough estimate of when it will be up - I know i’ll be away for a couple of weeks for work, so if it conincides with the submission deadline - obviously I would have to finish my work earlier and be able to upload it.

  2. Regarding the minimum pixel measurements on images. I assume that it should always adhere to the minimum pixel dimension of the orioentation of the canvas? For example if i want to make a tall, narrow picture, the width should still be a minimum of 2657 pixels?

Thank you in advance - you guys are doing a great job with this - so keep it up :thumbsup:


Baron Impossible … yes you can do as many as you want in your thread as long as u have all the milestones for the final image … as far as i know there are no restrictions :slight_smile:


Thanks, just wanted to be sure :thumbsup:

(now let’s see if I can get this posted before I get another ‘server too busy’!!)


Yay does that mean I can post my five other entries?

I’m not even wearing a coat…


Yes, just be sure you pick the right one for a final submission.



specific 3D question: can we reuse already made topology? i mean, i have general head topology i made myself, and if i need bony face, i just tweak vertices around, and voila, here it is (well, this is not so straightforward as it actually is, but i’m making the long story short). the same goes for hands, ears, etc. i of course could do that silently, and nobody could tell whether models were made from scratch or from template, but anyway, is this legal? i’m talking about reusing my own models only.


I think so. At least I’ve seen a lots of entries done with like that without anyone complain about it. Main thing is, that you build your model on your own from the scratch (no previous models you made in the past especially for wip or completed image). Duplicating objects seem to be ok.


  1. Is it possible to use my resulting artwork for my commercial project promotion?
  2. May I use characters and enviroments from my commercial project, even if the answear to question #1 is “no”.
  3. Am I allowed to use PC only for final image coloring and processing, and draw concept lineart and greyscale shading variants on paper?


now I understand the obvious fact that nobody’s looking for photo paintovers here, so I was wondering how strict you’re gonna be with photo based textures etc.? I’m definately not painting over anything, just doing sort of matte painting stuff (obviously without plate). That would include bit of photo texture here and there, is it okay? None of the photos would be identifiable (because of every photo I’d use very very small part of texture to build my own texture).

Or are judges gonna scan the 3600px wide final image in 100% view looking for traces of photos screaming “omg I see a photo!”?

Are judges gonna rate pics also in 100% view and with something that fits into screen without scrolling? I’m asking because I paint my stuff in 25% view and rarely detail in anything more than 50%… which gives good results, but doesn’t look good in high res close ups.


I think you can make it how you want it, but make sure no-one finds out. That is because I think every mattepainters use photos at some point, but they paint over them and manipulate them so that no-one will know. They also work in very high detail, so you should work also. That is because one meaning of this challenge is to educate people for print-quality work.



you’re wrong to say every matte painter paints over photos. However that’s not the question and I was asking for the official rule from the organizers of this contest anyway.

I said "mattepainters use photos at some point". Not "all the time" like you seem to understand.
You did not gave any hint that you pointed your aswer to a organizers only, so I gave you a answer based on that.



This is just hilarious! Here is a two finns not seem to understanding themselves, because they use english language…and I am the other one!



On some threads I can’t post any replies. The WYSIWYG editor won’t come up and the status bar just says something like “waiting for img137.imageshack.us” whatever that is. Any ideas?

BTW Why does the editor always come up last, so you have to wait for everything else to load before you can reply? On dial-up this is soooooo tedious…


I am an on-line CGTalk-Challenge virgin. I’ve searched archival challenges and am now completely confused. :shrug:Please, assist me to understanding.

Would same be true for 2d?as in - can I use pieces of artwork I’ve previously created, or do I have to recreate the part all over again?

Also, do I write how I did I create as I create, posting the one with the milestone requirement? Or all of it, I’ve viewed both ways on the forum?

How much documentation is required? How many progress captures is optimum?

I work at the pixel /point level. Is it allowed to nest the screen shot of where I am inside the zoomed-out version so the project is viewed in it’s entirety? to document as I create this? or, is it better to present one section at a time?

Thank you in advance for any response.

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