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Jonny, Ya made me laugh out loud with your post! I am glad I am not the only one on pins and needles (although I fear they will just turn to spears that will impale me when I am disapointed once again). I would imagine that they let the winners know before the general public, is that true?


:wavey: He He He …not long now for the results…

as Mr. Duddlebug said - any chance you chaps could let us know what sort of time the results might appear (GMT). Last time it was old news before i new the results were up so go on Robert…please put us out of our misery and give us a clue :beer:


They should be up by 5PM Australia/Adelaide local time. They may be up earlier at the discretion of someone who is not me, but I can’t speak for that :slight_smile:


congradulations everybody!!! and lots of thanks to the forum leaders for the support an fast response!! cheeres :beer:


Thx CG talk!!! i love you all!!! im so happy!!! aaaaa

It was really enjoy to watch and learn from artist around the world.
Congratulations to all artist in the challenge !
I hope to see and make more in the next challenge!


Hi all!
To all winners my congratulations!
Whether the question to Robert-is planned the edition of the catalogue “Spectacular” ?
Yours faithfully LexLe


:bounce: great challenge as always :bounce: happy new year to all again :thumbsup: and congratulations to all winners!:bounce:


I won´t wait the resulsts to say:

Congratulations everybody! Winners and non-winners!


I was just wondering when the next one starts? Sorry i’m new :rolleyes:


February sometime is the plan :slight_smile:


Ok. Thanks for the info… :smiley:


I missed tha past 2, I won’t be missing this next one!


february! yay! that’s awesome. only two months to go! :thumbsup:


well there is only a week left of February… we should be hearing word soon. :slight_smile:


hopefully sometime very soon, I’m beginning to get backed up on work again, I was hoping to have started this soon while I have small amounts of free time…soon maybe…soon?