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i have tried uploading the zipped tiff, but every time i do it doesnt show up…i really need to know if you received…cause it showed on the ftp adress thanx


Hi mibus i m afrad about my tiff image upload i used ftp first time will u pleas check its uploaded properly or not thank you.


how long does it usually take for you guys to recieve the ftp file? I just sent it and am not sure if you have recieved it.


“If this image is not correct, please try refreshing your browser. If that does not work, try uploading it again!”
How it to understand???
“Every time you upload your file, please click “Refresh”! It will update to show you your most recent TIFF upload.”"???
I spoke mine that at me not the standard size of a picture :sad: :sad: :sad:


I have the same problem as the LexLe !
image is 300 dpi 3636 pix height
noncompressed tiff archieved with zip
and its write that is incorrect what i must do ?? help please


I am still wondering if you guys have recieved my entry??? I need to know. thanx mibus!


Ja voobshe ne ponimaju!
vse vsegda bylo pravilno :frowning:
don’t know! :sad: :cry: :eek: :shrug:


Seme heer I uploaded but its just not there! Should I try again? Its after midnight already…


Same thing happened to me. The FTP images seemed to have been fine, but in the final entry section, it says nothing has been sent yet.

Oh, well. Hope it works out for everyone. Good luck!



Me again - who I have to contact about ftp file upload? I have lil question to people in administration :]


As far as I know Mibus is responsible for all technical issues of this challenge.
First post on this thread:

Technical Support
For all registration errors, or technical errors while using the Challenge site, please email me (Robert Mibus, robert@ballisticmedia.net).’

I’d try that! :slight_smile: Good luck to you! :thumbsup:


just downloaded my final zip file…think I had a problem any administration people to help out…actually it was downloaded befor the deadline…but in the sleepy mood I think I downloaded the tiff fille instead of the zip one…hope this doesn’t affect the entry…


sorted out the problem…Sent the good zip file so all is well…cheers


OK guys it looks like these are the finalists:


We got about 300 people in! Everybody should check if they’re in there and that the right pic got used.

Any discrepancies should be emailed to me (robert@ballisticmedia.net) ASAP so it can be sorted out. We are going to start judging VERY soon.


Weeee!!! I’m there!!

hahaha… Good luck to everyone…!!:thumbsup:


Good luck everyone! Happy judging!


Thanks for all of your work, Robert. It really felt like the challenge engine ran more “smoothly” this time. :thumbsup:


welldone everyone and goodluck:thumbsup:


Thanks for all of your work, Robert. It really felt like the challenge engine ran more “smoothly” this time. :thumbsup:

It was my pleasure! I’m glad you thought it ran smoother - I’m trying to iteratively improve the process, I still have a bunch of things in mind (especially with the final FTP uploads) - but that’s for the next CGChallenge :slight_smile:


Dear Mibus!! Thanks! :thumbsup: :bounce: :bounce: :bounce: