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I tried to zip my tiff image with tugzip and it won’t work with tiff files are there any free zip downloads that will work with tiff files or is there a specific program I have to buy? Thanks in advance for any help you can give me. It would be a shame to have worked so many hours and not be able to submit my final image. I also tried to use the compress option in Photoshop but it didn’t reduce the file size or change the tiff suffix to a zip suffix what am I doing wrong?


Ok… I am confuse here, I got the hostname, username, password and filename… so when I have connected to FTP(FTP program, don’t know why the browser doesn’t work…), why there is no folder inside the CGtalk ftp… should I rename my zip file to the given filename before copy it over? Or there is a particular folder inside FTP that I need to copy the zip file into??? Please help.:shrug:


alvin_cgi: No folders. Rename your file to the filename you’re given and place it in the FTP.

Euphrosyne: You don’t need a TIFF-specific compression program. Try 7-Zip?

Avatarist: Links are fine. Your images are all considered uploaded by the system - you can check the final TIFF is OK yourself by revisiting the Submit Final Image page.

rawwad: Looks fine to me…

sh@ke: You might want to try again; it might have been a temporary server issue? If you keep having trouble, email me (robert@ballisticmedia.net).

alvin_cgi: Calibrate your monitor for print the best you can :). The judges will do likewise - I think the target is the same as for the books, so sRGB, gamma of 2.2.


Many thanks Mibus/Robert

I’ve checked the image/properties and am a little concerned that it appears as a lo-res version (ie. it displays as 800 x 585 pixels and says it is 153.18 KB (156860 bytes)) - is this normal? - I was kind of expecting to be able to see the hi-res…

Any answer appreciated, sorry to be a worry-nuts - its’ my first challenge



Thanks for your help Robert.

I appears that my problem was a host problem because when it finally went through I had done the identical proceedure that I did in the begining. I spent a whole day downloading various software and trying to get through, I am so releived that I finished a few days early and had time to patiently work with this. I shudder to think what it will be like when it really gets busy at the end and people can’t get in. Anyway Oh joy, Oh joy I did it!


Avatarist: That’s normal. We only show a mid-res image (max size 800x800), it’s enough to know the upload worked.

Euphrosyne: Good to hear!


Hello Mibus, I’m trying to upload my final image using dreamweaver.
I used all your ftp settings, and uploaded the zip. I could view the zip in the host directory.
After hitting refresh in firefox, the page still says I havent yet uploaded my tiff image.
I tryed again, after I saw you have a given file name as well, so I renamed my zip file to the one in the ftp settings page.
What happens with the zip I uploaded with the original filename?
How do I delete it?
Should I rename also my tiff image, or just the zip that contains the tiff?


Ok, guys, I seem to have solved the problem.

I renamed my zip to the filename given in the ftp settings and was accepted.


Hi, Robert, yesterday, i uploaded my final image in tiff compressed in zip (with the zip´s name of the upload page) but today nothing appears, it says no have submit your final image??. Is this ok? or need upload again my image??

Thanks Mibus


Hello. I recently sent you the letter about проблемме with passwords and a post of work on competition. You have answered me and have sent the new password. Using the new password I do not manage to create here the theme. Whether Tell-can I still учавствовать in competition and that to me нада for this purpose to make…???


hey, hello Mibus, I have 3 questions:

1. when I entered to the challenge, I wrote my name as “adrian hdz.” but one month ago, I posted a new thread (in the finished work forum) and I received a mail from CG and it said that I was written my name wrong, and I must to writte it complete, so I wrote “adrian hernandez”. My question is, if I regitered myself like “adrian hdz”, this could be a problem?:shrug:

2. Can you extend the deadline one day more?? :smiley: (hahaha, I had to ask)

3. I don’t know if you can help me, but… by mistake, I modified the configuration color in the Photoshop and I haven’t idea how I can restore it… I’m not an expert in Photoshop, instead of solid colors, appears small points of different color…:banghead:

thank you…:arteest:


ilusiondigital: Your filename was slightly off - it was xxx_yyy.zip.zip, instead of xxx_yyy.zip. I fixed that, you should return to the Final Image page to double-check the image looks OK.

Fish-KAart: I’m sorry, I don’t understand your question. Could you please re-phrase it?

Ducklator: 1: I can fix that up for you. 2: Nup :p. 3: I don’t use photoshop - try the forum:


:curious: I shall try… My name Klementeva Alena. my nikname-Fish-KA(or Fish-KAart) It my 3 CG Challenges.Each time i cannot registration end posting my work- nikname and the password. Fish-KA-my nikname in Machineflesh -http://forums.cgsociety.org/showthread.php?threadid=136779.Fish-KAart-my nikname in Master and Servant 2D
… Now in any way can not post my work. :cry:
I pliss very much ask to give me mine nik and mine password. About it in lette-Alain Klementyev <fish-kaart@mail.ru> Re: Your login details for CGTalk 01 Deck
My enathe works-

its my work for Spectacular - 2D
Help mi,Plissss:cry: :cry: :cry: I veri wont be in Spectacular - 2D
I veri wont my nikname-Fish-KA and my password-name my san I remember it always :blush:
My trouble in that I badly know English language :cry:


hey Robert, I keep tryiing to upload my final tiff, but this always keeps coming up: Warning: unlink(./challenge10/tmp/148728_108758.ZIP.TIF): No such file or directory in /home/httpd/vhosts/server5.cgnetworks.com/httpdocs/challenge/get_info.php on line 44

I must’ve tried to 10 or so times, and followed the directions to the T… please let me know what I’m doing wrong, and what I should do! thanks so much


Tons of thanks, Robert. Your help is very appreciated.


Two quick questions if I may:

When will the final judgement be announced?
When (roughly) will the next challenge start?

Thanks :cool:


Hi mibus

I just found out a few days ago that my older email adress (zman@artofgaming.net) doesnt work anymore (because my subscription to the old domain name has ended) so I updated my new email (ziv@zivcg.com) in the user CP.
The thing is, I noticed when I log in to the contest page to submit milestones that it hasnt updated there and it stil says my email is zman@artofgaming.net.

I just fear that I might lose some information that would be sent to that adress… (I just uploaded my final tiff submission, was I supposed to recieve an email confirming that its ok?)



hi Mibus

i’m really having alot of problems rendering out my final image at a high resolution. (memory errors)
Would it be possible to submit a low resolution final and then upload a high resolution at a later stage? there wouldn’t be any differences between the two versions except for the resolution.

I’m at the end of my tether here, pls help ;p


Versiden - this is a very familiar problam :slight_smile:
you just have to find ways around it …
did you try rendering crops of your image (like the top half and bottom half) and then putting them togheter in PS ? thats what I did (lots and lots of crops and passes).


hi there, yes I have and it still gives errors. I’m trying seperate passes right now too see if it’ll work (diffuse, spec, ambient…)

thx for the reply