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  1. May I use characters and enviroments from my commercial project, even if the answear to question #1 is “no”.
    #2: No.

Did U mean that it is not possible to use allready drawn characters(copy&paste), or not possible to use even character concepts, posed and shaded uniqely for the contest. Remember that I am talking about 2D contest.


So to be sure. I cannot make a head (completely scratch), duplicate it and deform it to make a different lookin face?

If that is correct, I am very sorry to inform that last time someone won even a prize using this technique. Artist even described process in wip-section. I do not wan’t to say that artist’s name, unless Mibus asks it. I hope I understood wrongly in this case about rules.



BIG TROUBLES huh…???:sad:


pwallin, email me :slight_smile:


lol its not like they are gunna take the prize back…or will they DUN DUN DUUUUUUN


Sorry for late answer. cgtalk was down yesterday everytime I tried to log in. I have now sent you two mails. One has a sentence from artists wip including it’s date.



I didn’t read whole FAQ, but I think that won’t be bad if I ask a question :wink:

Can I post my work (pictures that I’ve posted on CGN earlier) on other forums to talk with other people about the image (and ask them for an opinion) ?


After private chats with pwallin and Vladius, I’ve found I misunderstood the question.

Question #1: Can I use something I did somewhere else, in the challenge?
Answer #1: No.

Question #2: Can I use something I did in the challenge, again in the challenge (copy-paste in the entry).
Answer #2: Yes.



Mibus, I’m glad if you could answer me…:sad:


It only has to be vaguely believable - nobody would believe that real aliens were filmed in War Of The Worlds, or that real dinosaurs were filmed for Jurassic Park; as long as it’s “close enough” to being “within the realm of possibility”, it’s OK.

We also don’t expect photo-real for every entry - cartoony or stylized entries are fine.


Glad that it was cleared up! Now I can stop modeling my 1467:th rivet from scratch. :wink:



Hi! I´ve a naivequestion:) . Right now I´m sketching my spectacular proposal. I´m spanish and…What does line art mean?Perhaps does it refer to the work before coloring?thanks so much for answering this silly question:thumbsup:



thew! thx mibus. now i can aim for photo-real, and say that my failure is a stylized pictured. hehe.


Line Art viene despues de tu Concep Sketch y antes de Coloring WIP … hahaha:twisted: bueno, despues de que ya tienes tu concepto establecido, haces uno nuevo, que va a ser el definitivo, pero aun sin coloracion… digamos que en ‘blanco y negro’ o lineas artisticas… ok! en pocas palabras, cuando digas “ya nada mas me falta ponerle color!” en ese momento vas a tener listo tu Line Art… espero que me entiendas o ke me halla explicado bien…

si ya agregaste colores, pues trata de cubrir estos puntos mas o menos como creas necesario para que puedan aplicar en cada caso…



Hi guys, I have a quick query. Reading over the instructions for this challenge, I wondered, it says that things should be within the realms of the possible. Obviously the issue of aliens or dinosaurs could be possible and has been addressed, but I was wondering about mythical creatures like angels/demons/dragons, that sort of thing. Is this still classed as within the realms of the possible, or does it simply pertain to our actual reality, be that past, present or future?

I ask because I have a concept involving angels and demons, and I don’t really know whether it conforms to that rule.

My thanks to anyone who might clear this up for me, and my apologies if this has been asked, I’ve checked through most of the pages of queries, but on dial up, it takes aaages. :smiley:


Well, i think there’s no limits, as there is that future aspect. What is sure we don’t know what the future will be. Who knows if after three million years people haves seven legs and they looks like ducks…or something else like that, even more silly. In future EVERYTHING is possible, even impossible (not so long time ago people thought that earth is flat). Just choose the subject and style you see spectacular and go with that;)


well i know this is really sad…

but as you know the jpeg file size for 2D WIP submission is 150kb, and i cant seem to get my file size to 150kb without making it look like total crap (resolution wise).
argg please someone help me out, i guess i just dont have the software knowledge at this point…but i love to draw and im so excited about this contest!
im using photoshop and currently my psd version is about 48mb. i changed the file size and resolution and lowered the quality of the jpeg but that obviously doesnt work out the way id like so what do i need to do?

this is embarassing but i gotta get my stuff in! some of my other buddies didnt know what to do either, so this is my last resort.

thank you so much!!

  • shramír :cry:


Ah, ok, justo lo que yo pensaba, jejej, te has explicado muy bien, muchas gracias tío. Pues vamos dentro de poco a por el Line Art:D



It took me the better part of a day playing around with the different settings to get evern remotely close to the targeted 150kb. As you have noted, it kills the quality of my piece. I use Corel Photopaint, however, I did achieve a modicum of success reducing the overall size of the image, compromising resolution by -50, and toying with conversion options when converting to JPEG. I will attempt converting to thumnails via Fireworks to see if that improves my end product.

My thought was to get something up. Hope quality of documentation phase in this competition doesn’t impinge final scoring.

Thank you for posting this as I had not thought to do so.

a.k.a. t3logy


What res are you trying to compress to? Are you anti-aliasing the resampled image? An image of, say, 700px should be pin-sharp when compressed down to 150K. All of my gallery images are less than 150K (even sharpened photos) and at this compression it’s not possible to distinguish between compressed JPGs and the original PSDs / TIFs without zooming in.