Spectacular - FAQ/Answers/Questions


I had a quick look at both threads and they look OK to me.

Can you be more specific?


Mibus, this is what I see on my screen:

Only 3 pages. For example, I can´t watch my thread into these pages. If I look at the entries, I can see it:surprised


There’s an option with a drop down, along the lines of “Show threads from the last [1 month]” - change that to “since the beginning”.


hehe…D´OH!! thanks:thumbsup:


Hi Robert…

For aLL us retards who can’t stand a little bit of suspense… is there a time we can expect the results tomorrow? (and don’t tell me there’s any kind of delay…it’d ruin my friday 13th)

I know y’all are in sunny Australia and we’re all over the world, so was just thinkin’ about what time we might hear the news. is there any point waiting up late GMT, because you’ll be on your way to work at my bedtime, for instance…?

go on… give us a GMT clue… teehee…



Jonny, Ya made me laugh out loud with your post! I am glad I am not the only one on pins and needles (although I fear they will just turn to spears that will impale me when I am disapointed once again). I would imagine that they let the winners know before the general public, is that true?


:wavey: He He He …not long now for the results…

as Mr. Duddlebug said - any chance you chaps could let us know what sort of time the results might appear (GMT). Last time it was old news before i new the results were up so go on Robert…please put us out of our misery and give us a clue :beer:


They should be up by 5PM Australia/Adelaide local time. They may be up earlier at the discretion of someone who is not me, but I can’t speak for that :slight_smile:


congradulations everybody!!! and lots of thanks to the forum leaders for the support an fast response!! cheeres :beer:


Thx CG talk!!! i love you all!!! im so happy!!! aaaaa

It was really enjoy to watch and learn from artist around the world.
Congratulations to all artist in the challenge !
I hope to see and make more in the next challenge!


Hi all!
To all winners my congratulations!
Whether the question to Robert-is planned the edition of the catalogue “Spectacular” ?
Yours faithfully LexLe


:bounce: great challenge as always :bounce: happy new year to all again :thumbsup: and congratulations to all winners!:bounce:


I won´t wait the resulsts to say:

Congratulations everybody! Winners and non-winners!


I was just wondering when the next one starts? Sorry i’m new :rolleyes:


February sometime is the plan :slight_smile:


Ok. Thanks for the info… :smiley:


I missed tha past 2, I won’t be missing this next one!


february! yay! that’s awesome. only two months to go! :thumbsup:


well there is only a week left of February… we should be hearing word soon. :slight_smile:


hopefully sometime very soon, I’m beginning to get backed up on work again, I was hoping to have started this soon while I have small amounts of free time…soon maybe…soon?