Spectacular Entry -, Lombardo Simone (3D)


Title: Spectacular Entry -
Name: Lombardo Simone
Country: Belgium
Software: 3ds max, Brazil r/s, Photoshop

Hello all!
Here’s my Spectacular Entry for the challenge, it was very intersting to do it, i’ve learn a lot, thanks again all for the amazing help, and the support! It’s the biggest scene i’ve done for now. Around 15 966 167 poly for the all scene, my computer became crazy!
It was done on 3DStudio Max 5, using Brazil for render, and adjustement on photoshop CS.
Here’s the link for the WIP Thread : CGS Thread
Thanks again cgsociety and all members for this funny and beautiful challenge! :slight_smile:
Hope you like this entry.
C&C are welcome!
>> Hi resolution image <<



let’s try to explain my concept…

it’s purely fiction… i’m using names of Countries just to place a background realistic.
I hope it’ll never become like that.


"Oh my god… that day it’s simply amazing, …that day… perhaps i must say “the” day,…

It remember me the past time, the human’s errors did in this Beautyfull planet…

It remember me the luck we had, …

Let’s try to explain when all has began…

In October 2008, after somes differents between a few of the World Power, the 3rd World War has officialy began with the massive attack of United States against China…

In 5 days The United States Take half of the CHina’s territory with High Technologic weapons, using Ultra Sound and micro wave. When Japan refused to let the United States planted bases in his territory, the attak of United States against Japan was inevitable…

Using a system of low frequency they launch against Japan, a amazing Tsunami…

But the Japan resist well, and in 12 hours all the population was refugied in the G.Cans under Tokyo.
The China was not free, they ask help to the rest of the world, the Europe send troops to help them…but as nobody can imagine the Russian join the United States and attak the Europe.
A war of 4 years has began…

In July 2012, we seen a Alien intervention, they try to stop the war, or perhaps to extermine the human race,… still now, i can’t say if they were bad or good…but they join with the China-Europe camp.
They said that an another Alien civilisation help the United States for a long time, and called them the “Little Gray”… and they couldn’t let do that more.
After that, the camps was USA-Russian-“Little Gray” against China-Europe-Unknow.

In 10 hours…the world be damage as never… population died… in the next 5h the “Little Gray” use their last weapon… and destruct 98% of the population…the last 2% must has been save by the Unknow civilisation…

I was in this 2%… they put us in a large underground and unknow city… all was huge…but too small for all the people. All the vegetation was destruct… and the Ozone Layer too.

So we have to stay in the underground city. A lot of us died everyday, no enough food, no enough water.

The population feel the end… But one day… “THIS DAY”…

It began by an incredible sound of explosion, a ray of light explose the ground of the central hall and smashed the roof! It was there that we stock the last cars we have. But in less than one minute, something strange, something that it can’t be real happened…

A very HUGE tree grown from the ground with an amazing speed, pushing the cars, and explose the stairs… it was simply amazing…unbelievable… And the tree come out of the city, growing to the surface of the Earth…

In less than 1 hour, this amazing gift of the planet, save all of us…

Creating a new ozone layer, and vegetation, animals, rivers and mountains. It’s was a dream…all this warm energy growning…
In the next month, we could plant cereals, vegetals and fruits. And create again a new civilisation, trying to protect the planet…
I don’t know how it’s possible, i don’t why or from where this tree cames. Some religious groups call it “Yggdrasil” or “Arbre de Vie”… link to it some Divinity or Gods… but i don’t believe them… for me it’s just the Earth… the Energy from the Earth.

Mmmh… perhaps i’m too old for that… hehehe… but for ever, i’ll keep this moment on my mind, this beatiful tree growning so fast, nothing can stop it…and save all of us.

All the youngs survivants now when they look at this huge three, i hope they understand ours errors, and don’t do it again…"


Wow, amazing. The wide landscape, this organic elements… looks really well composed.
The wound and the girl’s skin look a bit disturbing, but I mean, maybe it’s because of the light (which looks great :wink: ) and it’s just such a little element in the picture that it’s not really recognized.

Great work man :slight_smile:


I think that “wound” is a red ribbon. Have another look.

Anyhow I like the image a lot. :slight_smile:


wow perfect lighting adn color ilove your tree 5 star


Yes it’s a red ribbon thanks! :scream:

Difficult to see correctly, must look on HD too see better.

Perhaps i’ve done it too slim. :shrug:

Thanks for replies! :beer:


Awesome looking job. Only two crits:

  1. Her legs near the ankle look really thin.

  2. At first I though it was just a tree, but then I saw that city like scape beneath it and realized what was going on. What I suggest is to add more atmosphere fog so the tree’s scale would be more obvious.


Beautiful picture. I watched you WIP thread and It was very intresting to se this work take form. It´s very well composed and the colorscheme is splendid. Nice work. But I do miss the inside of the tree, with the cars and on… ; ) Cheers!


hey Lombardo-man, that’s supergood, keep posting :thumbsup: :applause:


wonderful work! Great composition, execution!5 stars!



Impresive light and composition! I love colors! 15 966 167 poly… really crazy!!! j,j,j,j…

Good work!

Please show and critic my works!





this is awesome, i love the light and all the little details in this pictures. nothing to add, just wonderful. 5 stars!


Very Nice!


Really spectacular! Great work!


Thanks all for comments! :wavey:
sergage–> Yeah it can be a good idea for the fog! Thanks



this is fantastic work, well done. :twisted:


very nice concept
I like the colors


Excellent one! Great idea and style, dream atmosphere is so cool :bowdown:


Tilstrom, LATROMMI_SUINEG and rawwad thanks a lot for replies!!! :bounce:

PS:LATROMMI_SUINEG —> i didn’t know [color=white]Saaya Irie before…waouuww she’s beautiful :love: [/color]


post-apocalyptic imagery can become tiresome to look at, I am glad that you brought something interesting to it.