Spectacular 3D Entry: Ziv Qual


That’s really nice work. Can’t wait to see the finished product.


That is an amazing scene.I lovr the lightning efect in the clouds.


Impressive work, very clean.
So much details!! pheeww
Good luck till the end:)


Really nice work and interpretation!!

nice details on the foreground

I think you should add more swirl effect on the cloud. this would make a more dramatical effect

However nice composition


i just joined the competition and was looking around at posts… and yours really caught my eye. A realy good piece and wonderful concept. I agree with the others, your background and foreground should be darker, to blend in with the tower. They are way to bright right now.


Nice bg color


I’m experimenting with an idea I had that could solve some of the issues I have.
its not gonna look exactly the way I am showing in the screen, but thats the idea.
kinda hard to tweak render good volumetrix in such high res.
I hope I get the results I want by sunday or I probably drop it and finalize the image.


I’ve been following your work for a while and it’s really wonderful! The spiral thing can make it even more so if you pull it off - good luck for the final steps with this :thumbsup:


if that spiral are clouds…the final image will look more spectacular:eek:



Nice work on your image:thumbsup: :thumbsup: , don’t know what the spiral rage will be but it looks interesting . To me it should be something ethereal and not to solid . Promising image and good luck.


It is quite nice to have 2 computers to work on at the same time.
the above screenshot of the particles only showed 10% of the particles. I have set it to use quite alot of particles at a very VERY low density, resulting in a very soft and “dusty” look (as oppose to the solid crisp look). I am now rendering it at the full resolution and thats gonna take about 70 hours(!).
Meanwhile, I’m doing lots of general and local twaeks to this piece and I’ll see in a few days how (if at all) to implement the spiral dust render.

I’ve added another slight fog pass to balance the image, did lots of color adjustments, started adding some local cracks to the tower(more to come) and added rays of light comming from the right. the rays are something I had in my mind for quite sometime. For me, if the blue lightning thing on the left symbolizes god’s vengence, the rays on the right simbolize his love and forgiveness to mankind (after all, he never gives up on us).

I’ve decided its time to post a higher resolution image to better show the details so that I could get more specific crits and directions from you as I fear I may have lost my objectivness working on this piece for so long.
this image is 33% of the original resolution -



Gunilla\melkao - thnx. I hope so :slight_smile:

mmoir - yeah, not too solid is the key here, its why I have sooooo many particles there with a density and regularity of allmost zero. it is also the reason my computer has been rendering in the past 45 hours and only passes a third of the images :eek: :eek: :eek:


I don’t like the foreground much - it’s a bit too ‘vague’ and the people aren’t real enough.


[/b][size=2]The tower in all it’s glory is, without doubt, one of the best things I’ve seen. It looks amazingly great. Really does. Wonderful.

Very good work! :thumbsup:


oh noooo! i hate you…why you do this to me why?:sad:



THNX, I guess … :eek: :argh:



this is a jawdropping image-I’d be shocked if this isn’t in the top three. really impressive.


Looks awesome!
But I don’t know how much time you have left on this, but I think it’s time for some heavy fireworks at the bottom of the tower :slight_smile:
Also I still feel the snowy mountains don’t fit and would look better more sand coloured… Give it a go :slight_smile:


hay man it coming along. i know this is probly abit to late to say this but it would have been nice to have the tower craking and debis falling people scatering! the people below seam to be reacting to somthing.




shakes - thnx man :beer:

Skyraider3D - thnx again, there won’t be any heavy fireworks, only “smoke / dust works” on the tower. its being rendered since friday and I hope it will finish rendering by this friday :eek: .
I did a few quick dune tests instead of the snowy mountains and I couldnt come up with a quick good result so I’ll stay with this. the spiral dust thing is supposed to hide more of it anyways in the end…

bloggs - I’ve allready started making some cracks (as texture only) mostly at the bottom and first floors of the tower. If the spiral thing works as I planned, I might add some bricks/stones/flags/other parts flying by. but it will only finish rendering in a few days so I wont have time for much.


Abso-freakin-lutely amazing, man. I’m just in awe.