Spectacular 3D Entry: Ziv Qual


A close up on birds flying away before the mess will start.
I plan on making lots of more birds later on. I sorta have problams getting them in the right sence of scale because they are just small dots to the full image if I make them smaller than this …


A close up on the “source” of all the mess that is about to come.
It also justifies the blue lighting I had all along coming from the upper left :slight_smile:


Ok, this is what I got so far.
I was testing and trying to figure out what will work best for this image all weekend. I came to the conclusion that I cant do what I originally planned (with lots of fireballs thrown into the tower) because It will get the composittion too busy and mainly because I dont have enaugh time to get into the detail level I wanted if I did go ahed with it.
I’m actually stil trying to figure out what I wanna do with what I got now (considering I got 15 days left). I am pretty happy with it so I may not make any more major changes and focus on more local fixes and additions.


Been a little while since i peeked in here.

Seems like you moved forward, indeed you did :wink:

The thunderstorm looks very good, and as you mention it justifies the coloring. Looks sweet.

As for you dropping all the fireball mayhem, i am sad to hear :<

But yes, you are under time preasure, but i think something should be added.

Maybe not as intense as you wanted in the first place, maybe just one big fireball incomming. I like the current feel of it, as its the moment just before all hell breaks loose. Like you know its gonna go very very very very wrong, but it just hasnt happened yet.

Im not sure if it would stress the composition too much, if you added a single incomming fireball. But i sure would like to see it :D:D:D:D

Awesome job so far :wink:

Better hit the sack for now, but i surely will return ;D


Well Zman- This has turned into a phenomenal image. You just kept pecking away until it turned into a fantastic piece of work. Wonderfull!


Hi Zman. This is a very beautiful piece of art you have. The upper part of the tower and the clouds are outstanding and the whole tower itself is well made. Keep up the good work


Bejeezus that’s fantastic. Looks like a painting, how on earth did I miss this one? I love the slight mist, and the colour choices are beautiful. Good luck!


morphar - sorry, no fireballs. I do have another idea I’m cooking for this. doing some tests, hope they go well :wink:

pluMmet, juan_tamad, and Elsie, thnx :thumbsup:


Wow man thats amazing…excellent work:thumbsup:


Wow, that sky is tremendous. Love the lightning. Great work!


I’ve been doing tons of tweaks and minor additions to the sky details. I’m afraid that by this point I might have lost my objectivness with this image and I dont wanna go overboard with the skies in general and especially with the effects on the right. I keep trying to limit myself not to get it overbright and to keep it fitting in.

here’s a closeup on it and how it works with the entire composittion.
what do you think ?

I should mention that I’m gonna try to do something to the tower this weekend that might change the composittion alot, but most chances are I’ll stick to what I got now (besides alot of more local tweakings).


man awesome! i hadnt chek ur thread out! but sth is bothering me,and thats the scale of the building,with that low height it cant reach to clouds that easy! i mean it should be more HUGE! …i donno,this is how i feel,a personal comment,i cant dig the prespective!:smiley:


I still don’t get it, Ziv, that you only got 10 pages of replies…?! It should have been at least 10 times as much! :scream:

Really great updates, Ziv! I really like the level of detail and the almost painted look! :slight_smile: Especially that atmosphere looks gorgous! :thumbsup:

But: you asked for critique, then you’ll get it :wink: :

  • I think the front of the scene looks a bit too bright when comparing the back; it kind of seperates the two things from each other… That’s why I’d get that forground a bit darker, and maybe even a bit ‘colder’. That makes you sure the two parts belong together.
  • The mountains on the background look a bit simple to me… (that snowy ones) Are you planning to change them (are they just temporary at the moment?), or will this be the final look… I myself think that it’s a bit weird to have such a ‘tropical’ look while the snowed mountains are so close…

I’ve tried, but I can’t find more points of crique… I’m sorry! :twisted:

Maybe you could post a Photoshop-screenshot ones… It must look very imposant to see your layer setup! :scream: (I find it weird in every case that you PC holds working on such a resolution with such a level of detail… :smiley: )

Good luck Ziv! You’re (one of) the best! :bounce:


This one looks great. I really like what you did to the sky. the warmer sky on the right makes a nice contrast to the darker cooler clouds on the left. I love the birds circling, that always makes me think something bad has or is about to happen. This could be the opening shot to a film or the cover of a book and I know that I would be drawn to grab that book off the shelf. Really meets the Spectacular image idea. Great work.


Amazing work! one of my favorite in the contest.
I agree with Dutchman about the front and back part of your image, the front needs to be more contrasted, I mean the left side should be more in the dark.
The sky effects are really good
Brilliant work ! congratulation ! keep it up!


Hmm I did put alot of effrot in the city so that the sence of scale would turn out right. Maybe when the image is viewed in lower resolutions it doesnt come out well enaugh. did you notice there’s a 4-levels temple below the tower that isnt evan as high as 1 level of the tower ?

Dutchman - thnx man :thumbsup:
I’ll look into this more when I do the final color/levels correction next week. I am stil gonna try something tomorrow that might resolve this anyway. as for the mountains, its something I’ll try to change/replace If I have enaugh time for it. not because its wierd (to have snowy mountains as backround on a desert location) but because something else might work better.
oh, and remind me next week, I’ll post just a screenshot of all the layers I got from all the psd’s :eek:

Novacaine - thnx man :slight_smile:

btw, as for the birds, I fear they might get the tower to lose it’s sence of scale a bit. I dont wanna scale them down too much cause they will be a black dot on a lower resolution. what do you think ?

SILMAETH - :bounce:


fantastic work on the sky…you are a true master! not sure about whether you need the birds- I know they often fly in group, but they look a little too tightly grouped there.
such an impressive image!


mmmmmm…just wow:banghead:


Very nice!


Seems youre puting a serious effort on it. Incredible details!

Good luck!