Spectacular 3D Entry: Ziv Qual



One smal crit is that with the sky colors you’re using, the blue reflected light on the distant mountains looks off. I’d go more with a very desaturated warm purple-ish color. Essentially adding some reds and yellows to the mix. Other than that, the image and concept is well… Spectacular!


Amazing work :applause: Great details, excellent modeling and composition, congrats. :applause:


WoW, This looks fantastic! I like your vision of Babylon tower, details are amazing. Keep on rocking :applause:


Damn, Ziv, you just dropped me of my chair! :twisted: What an ámazingly cool details you just added! And that last renders you showed us was just amazing! It looks really photoreal! :thumbsup:

Great lighting also: that warm light on the one side, and that cold light on the other side! :slight_smile: Amazing! :scream:

Again good luck, mate! :bowdown:


super incredible work you crazy boy! the detail is astonishing.


Really spectacular! Congrats! Great work and idea!


Nice work man the only crit i could give at the moment is that it looks abit clean but i’m sure on to that! like the concept an oldy but a goody.

checked out your website really love you dragon did you render that with mental Ray?




love it!

fantastic environment and level of detail.

good work!


ziv that tower is fantastik great work here ! congrats…lot of detail this is a very nice one! the only thing it’s maybe desaturate a little bit the montains on the background…anyway this one of my favorites!cheers


Impressive work. Great impression of height. Maybe you can work a little the frontier between clouds and mountains at the right.


one very impressive image! :thumbsup:


amazing work:eek: , i think this is one of the best entries so far, great detail


Wow! Thats very impressive! I dont know how i missed this entry!

The sense of scale is excellent, and the tall structure contrasts superbly with the small village town.

Nice work!


Wow… this is just amazing man… congratulations.


thnx everyone :slight_smile:

gardogg - yeah man, you can render milions of polygons if they are instanced.

Dangeruss - yeah, I’m leaving lots of color correction stuff to the end.

bloggs - not sure what ya mean by too clean. yeah, my dragon is rendered in MR.

Andy H - thnx man, I put so much work on the city mainly to get that sence of scale. I like your entry too btw :wink:


hiya zman …the scene is coming out incredible!:bounce: :bounce: ! … very detailed indeed!.. just the blue mountains are the only off thing …then again its a small one!cheers!


Hi! It’s looking very great! I really like it! Keep it up! I wish you good luck! :slight_smile:


im impressed dude, something you would see on the big screen :drool:



great idea for a spectacular image… but your snow mountains in the background don`t really harmonize with your palms in the foreground… just my humble opinion… besides great work, keep going! :applause:


A close up on the spiral clouds that surround the upper part of the tower.