Spectacular 3D Entry: Ziv Qual


It’s a original concept. :thumbsup:
I thing the tower will be more break.
Good Job.



this in my opinion is one of the ten most beautiful 3d works i haveever seen


And it’s not even finished yet :slight_smile:

Can’t wait to see it after you’ve completed the tower and the fx! :thumbsup:


Dang, this thing kicks ass, zman :thumbsup:

Clever composition, very nice “tower-disappears-in-the-sky” effect, and a very spiffy ambience on the ground with those hints of sand in the air and the richly colourful population going about their business.

My only crit is that there is quite a big difference in terms of lighting when I compare the ground scenery to the tower itself, so there’s a bit of a clash there, making those two elements seem separated somehow.

Overall it’s a great image, and truly matching the brief.



thndx alot guys ! :rolleyes:

dark_jedi_1929 - tell it to the judge :wink:

mmoir - yeah, thats the plan. thnx

JamesMK - thnx alot man, I love your entry too (as I told ya a few times :slight_smile:
and you are totally right about the lighting, the tower itself is now rendered completly seperatl. i took exactly one minute to put it togheter with the rest of the image just to test it now ( u can evan see how I erased quickly the top part of the mountains). I will work more on putting all the elements seamlessly in the end.


this looks fantastic.spectacular indeed! one thing zman, and my biblical memory is quite foggy- why aren’t there any people in the tower? it seems a tiny bit odd, and having noone in the tower seperates the composition a little- but maybe that’s how you want it to be , to make the symbol truly stand out?


Wow - i like it - i think it really fits the theme. Good luck.


shakes - I’ve tried to place a few ppl on the stairs. they are soo small there they are hardly noticable evan in the full resolution !
and btw, the camera angle wouldnt allow to see ppl on the tower itself anyways.


ok, before starting to ruin the tower, I am making some more variation in the details.
I will also spread some props on it like torches and flags of all the cultures next.


Awesome going Zman!
Now blow some stuff up :slight_smile:


haaa thnx (again) sky :bounce:

ya know me, I gotta first feel I’ve reached a ““reasonable”” detail level before i can move on :smiley:


huh, this really is spectacular! I love all the detail that you´re putting in there. Looks like hours and hours of work… good job! Very curious to see what the final looks like.


I’ve spent the last few days adding more details to the tower itself. I also made lots of different flags of all the cultures and some torches. I’ve actually placed them one by one and gave them some variation so they wont look repetetive and clonned (wind effects for flags and different fire/light settings for torches).

Here are a few quick viewport shots. the render doesnt crash now cause I am working with alot of instances (so it doesnt metter too much I am on the 3.5 million polycount :expressionless: ) but it gives me other issues. I hope I’ll post a render tomorrow and get on to the effects.


Nice modeling, placing so many lights isn’t a very good solution because the rendering increases very much, esp when you have so much polys and the final resolution is so high. You should try to play with self illuminated textures if you want the windows to shine, it’s just a one of lots of other ways, anyway it’s looking good so far :thumbsup:


This is very expensive scene, its pretty hard to handle this… hope this will come to a day light, couse this is realy spectacular! Goodluck!


here are some close ups on the tower’s details


And here’s what i got so far compossited in.

This is the last time you can see babylon tower standing peacfully like that :wink:

next up - effects and mess.


WoW! greate rendering and texture
what renderer do you use for this shot? scanline with max or?


• Very impressive indeed! Lots of great details, i like the environment! Hope to see more soon :beer:


Fantastic work here man. I’m super impressed.

By the way, I didn’t know that instances make it easier on the render. I thought this might be the case but wasn’t sure. Now I know.