Spectacular 3D Entry: Ziv Qual


thnx guys :slight_smile:

shakes - surprisingly, I can evan show everything at once in the viewport (evan with some textures) and it runs (relatively) smooth !
the big (huge) problam is rendering it ! keeps running out of memeory all the time and I keep comming with stuff to optimize and smaller chunks to render at once (and put back togheter in PS).


well its weekend again.
about 30 days left for the deadline. this is the deadline I gave myself to work on the city. I could easily go instane with the details for another month but I do have to remind myself constantly that I stil have the rest of the image to work on.
anyways, added more ppl running around, standing shocked or falling from the impact, also added some animals, some more items that fit the time and place and flags that will also take a role later on on the tower. since babylon was the center where all cultures meet and work togheter, I’ll make alot of more different flags that symbolize different cultures.
here are some closeups on some parts of the market.


babylon city. done.
at least the modeling / texturing of it.
now I have all the week to face rendering it (in very small chunks that will be placed carefully togheter in PS)
I will also render occlusion passes and effects (dust and stuff like that).
aint gonna be easy.
I’m actually pretty surprized I was able to show everything at once in the viewport :slight_smile:


Now that is what I call spectacular…
your computer makes a spectacular work as well:twisted:

hope you’ll manage to render this all:bounce:


Wow Ziv! Your the best! :buttrock: You’ve not even finished the image, but it’s very, very, very spectacular yet! :bounce: I can’t understand how you can have the patience to build só much stuff… I’d have gone insane after modeling só much stuff… :shrug: :wink:

In every case I’m sure it will be it worth after all! I just really can’t wait for future steps of your work! It’ll be awesome to see a photoreal appearance of the well-known Tower of Babel! :thumbsup:

Good luck to you and your (computer’s :wink: ) memory! :scream:


I’m sort of glad you said that! I can’t imagine a computer that could render this in one go…
compositing everything in photoshop is great fun anyway!


arturro - lol yeah, I’m really squizzing him to da limits :wip:

Dutchman - Thnx, patience IS the key

shakes - yeah, I cant wait to the point when i got all the chunks and passes in PS and that will be the only work I got left to do


wow this is one of my favorite image!!! awesome level of details. wish you best luck


Spectacular city:thumbsup:


Finnaly !
After rendering seperatly quite a few bits a pieces of this, I can finnaly put the city render togheter to one pic.
I stil need to render some other passes of the city and make some PS work. I’ll post lots of closeups on all the details when I will be totally done with the city which hopefully will be before the weekend will be done.
I really went too far with the city :wink:


Wooooow Ziv…! I don’t know if it’s possible to be a 120%-fan of you ( :twisted: ), but it seems it is proved! :scream: Amazingly cool details… I’m really getting more and more curious what kind of final mood your image will give…! Good luck on the Photoshoping, in every case!

And some little question: is that background a temporary one, or ‘the final’? At this moment those mountains look a bit like a very well known windows-wallpaper…?!

I’m ready for new updates! :scream:


Occlusion, fog, fire and other passes and fixes were rendered and compossited in the last 2 days. I could easily spend another month going crazy on the small details of the city but I have waay too much stuff left to do and only about 3 weeks to go…

**** plz note that I had to save this JPG at a really LOW quality to get this file to less than 150K so keep that in mind (it really ruinned the quality) *****
I will probably post some better quality close ups later tonight.


Bah double post :banghead: :banghead:


Gotta say it again- simply incredible. I love and admire big vast detailed scenes like this- I wouldn’t have the patience! reminds me of czarnyrobert’s crazy detailed work. congrats!!


excellent composition, i like a lot the dust and illumination…great work man:thumbsup:


OK, back to the tower, here’s a render of all I got so far put togheter. I’ve re-tweaked the lighting on the tower.

This whole work really got me thinking about the meanning behind the whole babylon story. You could say that babylon mainly simbolizes 2 major things (at least for me) -

1 - peace. when you think about it, this was really the last moment in human history when menkind was united and worked togheter to achieve a common goal (2). after this event, god gave us many different languages to create confusion and seperation. mankind had some sort of seperation forever since.

2 - The will to break the bounderies and advance. (need I say more ?)

planned things to do and timeline -

this week to weekend - add as much extra details to the tower as I can to break the repetetivness (such as minor changes in designs, torches, flags, give me other suggestions :slight_smile: .

next week to weekend - start wreaking some parts on the tower and start working on the effects.

last week to weekend - work some more on the effects and start to finalazie stuff which include mainly color correcting and photoshop enhancing.

Its gonna be tight, very tight :\


WOW!:applause: This is gonna win the challenge dude…congrats with the dream machine.


Hey Ziv,

Very nice image so far, this is really excellent:bounce: :bounce: . The top half of the image looks a little plain now but once you get it finished with the special fx I am sure it will look spectacular.


Wahoo, i miss this thread. Wonderfull image, i really love this one.



Not much to say about this…lean back, relax…this is spectacular:thumbsup: ! Impressive work, congrats!:applause: