Spectacular 3D Entry: Ziv Qual


the city, rendered in many passes (different objects rendered seperatly and occlusion pass). It is pretty much done for now, I guess it will stil go through some major tweakings once I get other stuff done.
now its time to focus on the market and the sea.


Now how did i miss this gem.

It looks really awesome, and i am loving the concept.

Will follow this much more closely, and you seem to have a great eye for details.
I am sure this will work out to be a very fascinating scenary.

Keep up the great work.


Man! R U nuts???

U will end talking too many languages!


Your level of detail is out of this century!

I see, you made the tower to reach God (not for being as good as he), and then God helped you with the rest of the image, now I understand… :bounce:


hehe thnx
ya, I allwais believed its all about the small details :slight_smile:
dammn hard with the huge end resolution :eek:


Not much new, just a test render of what I got so far on the dock / market in full resolution.
On the to-do list (probably in that order) - build some wooden planks for ships to dock, model more details for the market tents and start arranging them better with more stuff, add ppl, add animals, add big stuff falling into the water causing splashes and so on.


started shaping up the market.
stil lots of details (objects and ppl/animals) needed to fill the place.


I recall reading somewhere that man has allwais been facinated by 2 things - fire and water.
well I keep the fire part for the end, Now I’ve started with the water. This is why I wanted to catch the ocean too in the composition. I’ve made some splashes caused by stuff that started to fall apart from the tower.
I’ll stil put the “messy” part on hold a bit as I have to finish the market first and then finish up the tower as a whole, but after that comes the fun part of bringing it all apart :slight_smile:


Really nice image Man. You have work alot. I dont really like how it looks the ground in the Modeling: babylon dock / market , but everithing else is just perfect. Good luck.


nice, very spectacular indeed.
good luck :thumbsup:


OMG…insane detail!! just incredible work. I’m speechless!


The palm trees look a little still, when babylon is going up in smoke and meteors are flaming down from the sky i think they should be a bit more “windy”

Also some pieces of the tower in the air so we can get a feel of what is causing the big splashes :smiley:


Gee there’s so much going on that illustration, just awsome man, it’s taking an incredible proportion, “Babelonian” proportions :smiley: . Congrats, nothing I can critic on it.:applause:


Thnx guys :beer:
I really hope I’ll have enaugh time to get what I have in my mind into the final image in time :banghead:

morphar - Thats a good point about the trees. I was actually thinking that myself ! I allready “bent” them and it looks much more dynamic. will show soon.


oooohhh mo why you did that, i hate you, it makes me looks like an amateur…excelletn work:cry::banghead::beer:


Well zman- I’d say that the sails of the ships as well as the Canopes all look like they are not effected by the wind.

Great work non the less. And what is the exact final resolution of this work :thumbsup:


nice going man, I like the fundation :slight_smile:


OK, “my” babylon city is allmost done now. I could go on with the details in it for another month but I stil got tons of stuff to do on other parts of the image and only 30 days to go …
I stil wanna add alot of mess in the market place as it is the crouded place and the ppl are allready outside and some of them are the first to see this comming (some are not as it is just happenning. I’m gonna take this weekend to add final details in the market (stuff laying around, torches, flags and anything that would make sence) and start adding some dust and other stuff.
I’ll probably do all the renders during the week.
starting next weekend its back to the tower and some specialFX :slight_smile:

sorry for the bad JPG quality
(I had to save this image on low quality to keep it at 150K ).




:eek: Wow. I’m most definately impressed. You rock! :buttrock:


you are quite insane zman…the detail!! I’ve got no idea how your computer is coping with this! incredible stuff.