Spectacular 3D Entry: Ziv Qual


this is just awsome…very very cool

i can’t wait the final product!

keep it up!


Personal life? Where can I get one of those :bounce:
Anyhoo great stuff your doin’


Just thought I’d share this test render that I made overnight. There are tons of things to add and change here.

The scene is currently a bit over 4 million polys so I really gotta start optimizing and deleting any face that the camera doesnt actually see…

I think I’ll start working on people next up. They will take an importnat role in this after all.


Wow, this is an impressive update:thumbsup: . You have done a lot of work in a short time and I really like the overall mood as well as your details so far. Keep up this good work:) !



that’s animpressive work you’ve done here. No crit for the moment; Waiting for updates.

good luck


Wow. That’s looking amazing. The only crit I can think of is that at the top of the image, you can clearly see that the tower abruptly ends there. I think it would look better if it either faded away into the clouds so you can’t see that part or lower it a bit and have an under construction area at the top. Other than that … :bowdown:


really Great!!!


Nice man!

no joy without alloy!


Adding details, deleting poligons,Adding details, deleting poligons,Adding details, deleting poligons (those that the camera cannot see like the back oh the houses / minitower and so on) …
I’m beginning to think the real art here is to deal with the hardware limitation. I stil got so much stuff I wanna add but the render allready crashes sometimes (thats allwais my sign to keep finding stuff to optimize).

Anyways, I’ve also decided to lower the camera angle a bit. I think its alot better when its almost at the person level (at the cost of showing less of the city, but it actually makes the city look more dense). I’ve also re arranged the city houses to look more dense. Next up is to add a bit more plant types, add some torches, add more people, add some cammels, working more on the market, and then get back to the tower and start ruinning stuff :slight_smile:

I got 2 GB of ram, I’m really pushing them to the limit ! :slight_smile:


Amazing! It is really looking good. :thumbsup:good luck


Wow Ziv, that’s really daaaaamn stunning stuff! :scream: That mood, the level of detail, the lighting, the composition! You just got it absolutely damn right! :twisted:

Also cool to see that your in such a far stadium of the challenge (I only have some concepts in mind :smiley: )!

That final rendertimes will be reaaaaally annoying yeah… Don’t you think you could better cheat, by using multiple passes and compositing them together in Photoshop or so…? In my projects that does often work lot’s better, faster, and more controlled… Then you do at least not have to tweak éverything in the rendering-stage…

Have fun! I’ll be watching you! :thumbsup:



Very good and detailed work.
the old ancient style is realy working good.

palmtrees looks a bit thick, but the again i don’t se a lot of palm trees in Denmark:)

good work!


Very good. Detailed modeling and the mood is very caracteristic of the midle orient. Congratulations so far and keep going


wow, fantastic thread, and beautifully presented too! the modelling and texturing so far are really good-that building is incredible. look forward to following the rest.


Wow an other one that doesn’t sleep, what’s your trick

Amazing works must be hell to render, I love it but I would rework the camera angle

But otherwise stunning image.:thumbsup:


I love your Babel tour. This will be spectacular anyway. Keep it this way!!


Its been hell in the past few days trying to render what I got. I allready passed the limits long time ago and decided to split the scene this way - the city (bottom left), the market and sea (bottom middle to right), the tower, and effects in the end.
I’ve been focusing on the city lately, trying to keep it in very high detail level, yet optimizing whereever I can.
I’ve now reached the point when the rendering of the city alone crashes at some point. so I divide it into rendering the city in a different pass and the city trees in a different pass (lots of alpha maps take alot of the memory evan if the poly count is relatively low!), EVAN that crashes from time to time.
I’ll end up rendering everything in the end (evan if it means tons of render regions and compositting togheter small chunks in PS), but I just had to share my desperation with you now that max crashed for about the 100’th time.

Anyways, 'nuff ranting for one day. I’m pretty much done with the city (xcpt for the rendering part). added lots of trees for the desertish atmosphere, torches to light areas locally and make things look more dense that way and break the repetetiveness look, and peaople.

I gave all the (low poly) ppl a basic rig so that I could make alot of varriations in their pose. Like I said before, this scene takes place at about the second that the tower was “attacked”, thats why I wanna make some people look shocked, some ppl look scared and running around and some ppl are stil in their normal day occupation, not evan realizing yet what is happenning.

I hope I could start rendering everything togheter, I stil wanna add a few more details in the city before it is final, luckily I have a full time job, so I’ll render all the passes (of just the city that is) during the week and have something to show next week. I really need to start moving on as I stil got tons of stuff to do …


I seem to find a way to lower the quality enaugh to be able to render everything at once for a preview.
Just tought I’de share it with you. sorry if its hard to make out the details cause of the low quality. this is less than half of the original resolution btw. ignore the empty part on the right part, its on my to-fill list.


Amazing details even at low-res :wink:
Impressive, can’t wait for a larger view.


ZMan, you have a great concept here. Seeing the compostion purely from your final camera (camera 01), I don’t think there is any need to fill up the area you indicate in last post. I mean, are the dwellings gonna be built right up to the sea? What happens when you have a high tide? IMO, and this is strictly IMO, yuor city is detailed enough as it is. Give yourself a break and look at it through the eyes of a viewer, not a 3D artist. I have noticed this happen to me a lot…sometimes, when you try and cram as much detail as possible into a scene to make it look spectacular, you end up cluttering the scene. The viewer does not know where to look. If you still want to fill the area on the right, make a primitive kind of a dock with fishing boats…anyway thats just me. Good Luck mate.