Spectacular 3D Entry: Ziv Qual


ok, so this is what i got so far on the tower. as you can see, I kept the basic shape the same as i saw in the refference with my own touch. I plan on giving it much more details and variation to break the repetetivness later on. next up is making the city below it to give the sence of scale.


One little note, the lower part of tower (the base) looks a bit boring. I think, it would be better with some more architectural details on it.


hi zman
an incredible tower man and very very mysterious … like how it fades into the clouds!
reminds me of the darktower series!


Weekend again …
This is 3 variations of the “simple” city houses. I’m trying to keep it looking biblical and simple looking.


By now I’ve been through lots of refference image from the biblical times. One of the most common props I’ve seen was vases. This prop will take a large role in my scene to fill in details and live up boring areas. Thats why I’ve made quite a few variations of it (model and texture).


I’ve decided to put a minitower somewhere in the center of the city pretty close to where the babylon tower begins. The tower itself is just about as high as the first floor of the babilon tower. In the screenshot, u can clearly start getting a sence of scale by familiar things “we know”.


Hi Ziv,

this is some realy intersting thread!
I like your idea and your designs.

I can´t wait to see the Final!
Good luck to you!
Cheers :beer: Alex


nothing much this time.
these bricks are gonna serve me to construct some basic stuff i have in mind like a well. they will also take a roll in this project once I start “bringing the tower down” :slight_smile:
Like with the vases, i hate it when its so noticable when something was modeled once and just got clonned all over the place so I made a few variations in the details.


stil working on stuff to fill the city with. I needed ideas stuff that biblical cities needed and a well was pretty obviuse. stil need some good ideas. I think I’ll make a marketplace area.


So if the tower was trying to get to heaven, where exactly was the well going? (Sorry. I’m tired and my jokes get bad late at night.) Anyway, I was thinking. Digs in Egypt have found some communal “cafeteria” areas where the workers building the pyramids would eat and rest. With a project as massive as this tower, it would probably be safe to assume they’d have a similar area. And there’s my idea for the day.


more props and stuff to spread around :slight_smile:
I allwais try to keep it looking very detailed with a relatively low/medium poly count keeping in mind the size of the final scene …


I’ve decided its time to start constructing the actual city. The general plan is to have a sea with some ships (yeah more stuff to model…) on the right, have a marketplace near the shore, have the “mini” temple on the center and the city houses on the left.
I am now reworking the lighting setup to make it all look good. I am going with a bit darker setup than what i planned so i could light stuff locally with torches and stuff to break the evanness.
I stil gotta re-arrange everything and build much more stuff to fill the city with. Lots of stuff before I evan get back to working (and ruinning) on the tower itself.
I just with i’ll have the time :slight_smile:

anyhoo, here’s a viewport shot of what i got so far.

Polycount btw, is currently standing on 4 Million :eek: so I’ll have to start killing polys from stuff that wont be seen by the camera (the back of the well, the back of the temple and stuff like that).


Man this is a rockin’ idea. Wish I’d thought of it :thumbsup:



Looks lovely. But you don’t need to render 1.5 million polys. Cut it in half we will never see the back side. :slight_smile:


Daniel McMillan - hehe, check a bit further than that. I wish it was 1.5 million :slight_smile:
I did cut the back and sorta optimized some of it, but i also added details …
I am focusing on the city now, I think i will have to split the tower itself to a different scene and composit both parts(bottom and top) togheter
later on.


At this point I got a pretty good idea of how everything will be put togheter and I have a solid base. I think its a good time to setup the “final” lighting setup in general (with more minor tweaks in the end) so that I could make everything accordingly. there are 2 “key sidlights” that come from both sides, warm from the sun which is just starting to set and cold blue from the other side. the other lights are pretty much fill lights. Like I said, i wanna make this a sorta afternoon lighting so it won’t be too dark but it could be lit locally with torches later on.

anyhoo, renders of the city are soon to come. I stil wanna add/tweak tons of stuff before i show :slight_smile:


What a masterpiece! This is coming along in leaps and bounds zman:applause: I like the look of all the aspects you’ve created thus far and can’t wait to see where you take it;)


Keep up the fantastic work… I think it is going to be wonderful when you are complete. So far it is really looking good. The added scene details are just what it needs…


Thnx guys :smiley:

I just hope I’ll have the time to finish half of what i got in mind for this!
(Not saying that the deadline is too short or anything, I just stil have a fulltime job and personal life to worry about too :rolleyes: )


Yeah, that personal life will get you every time. Gotta get rid of that. And try to cut down on that work addiction too. Unless you like that frivilous stuff like food and a place to live. :smiley: I hear you. It’s tough having fun with so much going on to distract you.