Spectacular 3D Entry: Ziv Qual


Greate image… you got my vote for sure!!! :thumbsup:


Thats great scene! one of
the best in this challange!!

!! !!
!! !!
!!! !!!
!!! --SPECTACULAR-- !!!


whut? , where da meteors? great effort nonetheless



those closeups just killed me… truly inspiring work:) my congratulations


awesome details there zman! looks beautiful. Love the sky.:thumbsup:


Thanx everyone !
it was worth it.
I can finnaly get back to my life now :slight_smile:


im just speechless… spectacular scene!!

very interesting techniques covered, thx for sharing!

goodluck with the judging


I’ve not really browsed the 3D forum… but this is an absolutely oustanding piece of work!!

OMG… the detail!! It’s just bonkers! And the rendering is just bang on.

Congratulations on the effort and getting it submitted and the best of luck in the judging…


Gasp ! I missed this one ! Soooooooooooooo soooooooooooooooooooorrrryyyy !
I 'm speachless when I see the achivement on your picture ! Great details, great mood, … great everything !

“magnifique” I love it. Good luck for the judging !


I just love how you walked us through everything. The tower itself deserves an award.


Mary Christmas Ziv
and some nice Holidays with a lot of love and fun and presents


I’m an amateur when it comes to intricate modeling and just wanted to know how exactly you constructed the Tower of Babel. It always amazes me on how people model buildings and towers. Are there any beginning tips or help that you could possible give me on this?

Thank you for your time.



look at the second image I posted on this thread :wink:


Great job man! :thumbsup:

Look, I´m working on a huge scale project too. It´s a medieval castle. I´m still modeling the tower, I made it brick by brick, because, as it´s the most viewable thing of this project, it must be very detailed. I also plan to make a brick wall between the towers.
What I want to do is also make the environment around this castle. Of course, the enviroment and the other buildings except the towers and walls, will not be so detailed. I wonder what do you think of this. I also made some low poly floors and stairs for the interior.
What was “shitty” was making the windows, that I made using boolean, that let some empty space, and when I capped then using cap holes, it made it in a bad, strange way. So I had do create poligons manually. It was hell of a job, I spent around 4 on it.
So here it is:


It already has windows, stairs, interior floors and stuff. But I didn´t render it because I still have many things to repair on it. What tips can you give me, Ziv? And what new details should I add? I will shurerly add some flags… I´m still in the modeling phase. :bowdown:


Ok first off I want to say “Great job on the castle so far”. My second thing is "OMG you modeled that brick by brick!? How’d you get it to be so perfectly alligned? Did you texture map each individual brick, or use procedurals? I hope you used procedurals! lol. Sorry, but I’m an amateur with modeling and I have to speak when people make amazingly realistic objects. Very good job.



Hehe, thanks for the comment. Yes, I modeled it brick by brick, and then I alligned them using spacing tool, but that tool alligned them in a weird way around the circle shape I created, so I have to put them in place 1 by 1. The hard part was that I had to calculate things, cause I had 4 types of bricks, so it had to be space for an “n” number of each, and they would have to have a small space between them. It was hard.
Err, that texture is just temporary, I´ll make a cool one in Corel Painter.
I mapped them as an object, they are unified in one mesh. I used uvwmapping to texture them. :slight_smile:

I spent the last 2 days making the windows, that I made using boolean, but boolean battered my mesh, so I had 6 windows to repair, and cap holes didn´t do the job, cause it capped then in a wrong way. I had to repair it poly by poly. Sometimes I got the “illegal face” message. :smiley:

 I think I´ll create a [WIP] thread for my castle! :scream:

I only have 1 year of experience in 3d, and I´m 14, so don´t expect me to be at the level of these experts here in cgtalk. :twisted:


Congratulations! You definately deserved to win. :applause:


huge congrats too zman!! really well deserved, a gigantic task you took on…you made it spectacularly spectacular!! hopefully your computer problems will be all over now, with your prize!


Congratulations on the first prize, Ziv! Incredible work. Oh, and welcome to the XSI family - it’s time to move up to the real thing :slight_smile:

Best of luck,



Holy crap you won!! Welcome to legendary status, 300,000 people will know you won this contest, your life will never be the same again. Congrats man and well deserved!